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Google embarked on a new experiment with Google search results. It was just a matter of changing the color of how links appear in Google search. The normal blue color changed to black. As usual with this sort of tests, only a few people were able to notice this change. The reaction wasn’t what Google was expecting. On the other hand, Google might have had an open mind on how people were going to react to the change.

google search

A bunch of Twitter users took to the social forum to express their outrage on the new Google search result. They bandied together and twitted under the hashtag #BringBackTheBlue, which is sort of a pointer that the new black links in Google search did not go down well with people that saw the changes. Here are some of the of the interesting tweets under the #BringBackTheBlue hashtag:

 “Joseph Madden ‎@Hyper200
@google Google! The black unclicked links look terrible and are not very functional! #BringBackTheBlue

Mike Clise ‎@MikeClise
Really didn’t like being a “black and blue” guinea pig @google. I thought I was going insane with the black links #BringBackTheBlue

Siddharth Singh ‎@SidKumarSingh
Hey @google why fix what’s not broken? SMH #BringBackTheBlue

Denise Foster ‎@denisemfoster
I really feel like I’m frenemies with #Google. Black links instead of blue in the search results? No. Just No. Bad Google. Bad Google.

facelessloser ‎@facelessloser
My google links have turned black, They look horrible. Please turn them back to blue #google”

It took a while before Google responded to the new development. They circulated a carefully worded statement to some online news sites that,

“We’re always running many small scale experiments with the design of the results page

They also confirmed the new feature on Google search was tested on only a few select group of users. This is one time I felt like tearing my hair out in frustration. How come I never get to see or get to be selected when these new features are being tested. Come on, I feel I have earned the right to at least break the news of a new feature that is been tested on a select and exclusive group. Am still hopeful that I will one day win the lottery of testing a new tech software or new feature in an app.

This is not the first time Google is doing something like this though. As a matter of fact, tech firms like Facebook do things like these to test users reaction. And depending on how people receive the new update, the feature might be rested or improved on before being released to the general public. For this experiment on the Google search, it seems Google had conceded it wasn’t a good idea. A Google spokesman, while responding to queries said that,

We’re not quite sure that black is the new blue

My take on this is simple. People generally don’t respond well to sudden changes. Especially when it affects something that we are all used to. And more specifically, when there is nothing tangibly wrong with the old feature. It all boils down to this simple rule: trying to re-invent the wheel is an exercise in futility.


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