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With global success of the AR game Pokémon Go, it is not surprising the news about Google trying to develop a gadget linked to Augmented Reality. Though in this case, Google is trying to combine Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in one gadget. I wonder what hybrid name would be used to describe this gadget.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Google, Gadgets
VR Headset

The news of this new gadget was broken by Engadget. According to them, people within the company who have knowledge of what is happening told them about this new ‘dedicated headset that blurs the line between virtual reality and augmented reality.’

This new project seems to be the initiative to replace a recently scrapped, sophisticated virtually reality gadget. According to Recode who reported this particular news last week, the new standalone headset was supposed to be a direct competitor to Facebook’s Oculus rift.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Google, Gadgets
Sundar Pichai,Google CEO

This new hybrid of Virtual Reality and Augemented Reality device is also going to be a dedicated standalone gadget. That is, it is not going to function in conjunction with any mobile phone or computer.

Well techies should brace up as another expensive gadget is on the way. The sort of gadget Google and other tech companies would want us to believe are very essential to our lives. They might be, but I wished they weren’t so expensive.

Anyway, the new gadget is likely to have a screen and would have more of AR than VR.  Implying that the gadget is more likely to be like Microsoft’s own AR gadget, the Hololens.

But it should be noted this is not Google’s only attempt at the virtual reality business. Earlier in the year at the Google i/0 conference, they unveiled Daydream, a virtual reality project that they hoped would match or even surpass the success recorded by Google Cardboard, another virtual reality software by the company.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Google, Gadgets
2016 Google I/O

To show their commitment to virtual reality, Google had gone beyond the company to invest in VR projects elsewhere. They have invested quite a sum of cash in a company based in Florida known as Magic Leap. The company’s pitch include what if calls ‘mixed-reality’ and it is not just stopping at creating a software, it intends to make a physical headset too.

As for the near future, the report also claim Google is looking forward to making Android-based hardwares to go with the virtual reality softwares.

If this headset proves successful, many engineers and execs at Google would really breathe a sigh of relief. Fact is, this headset could be used to cover up the complete disaster that was Google Glass. A project that almost immediately ran into stormy waters the moment it was released to the public.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Google, Gadgets
Google glass

Despite the changes and upgrades to Google Glass, it seems it is one project that Google would gladly allow to die a quiet and unheralded dead. In the noise of a successful AG-VR gadget, only the most observant would notice that Google Glass is no more. Or even if there is going to be an official public announcement of the resting of Google Glass, at least nobody would utter more that sigh for Glass.

For now though, Google is yet to make an official announcement as per the rumored headset. But like I mentioned earlier, the success of Pokémon Go has ramped-up the pressure on Google and other companies to have a real go at AR.

Besides Niantic Labs, maker of Pokémon Go, was a former Google company; so I am sure Google would like to prove a point that they can also make a good AR gadget without the help of Niantic Labs.

An AR compliant world, courtesy of Pokémon Go, wishes them all the best.


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