Google Pixel 7 price in USA, Everything You Need To Know About all Google Pixel 7

lets talk about Google Pixel 7 price in USA – A lot of people would want to know what the new google pixel 7 would look like ever since the Google team announced that the new Pixel 7 will be out soon.


google pixel 7 alongside the new iPhone 14 could be one of the most exciting phones of late 2022, which means that the release is just some months away. this was made public by the team at the Google IO 2022 conference and there is still a lot many don’t know about this phone.

Google displayed the first picture of the phone at the conference and since then display it has been one of the on the wait list of many good phone users. as we all know, Google doesn’t advertise anything that is not good and this time, there are the ones put it up for you.

The phone market lately has been one of the most competitive markets in the world today where we have Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Google and top other phone giants competing to bring out the best phone that will shock the world.

In this article, we would give you the wish list of what you should expect from google pixel 7 and pixel 7 pros. We would also be giving you an insight into the specs and price and possible release date of this great phone.

we would also be adding to this article anything new we here about the device till it gets released, so bookmark this page to see the latest from us any time.

Given that we have just crossed half of the year, a lot will be waiting to know when Google will announce the release of this phone.

from experience gotten from other releases from google like pixel 5 and Pixel 6, it is always between late September or early October.

we would also be giving you the basic features of the phone and possible upgrades that we want the pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro to have in other to keep them at the top[ of the game.

The latest news coming to our desk now is that Google has massively upgraded the camera quality pixel. the camera is one of the essential reasons why some people buy, they took this seriously and have upgraded.

the report has it that the phone will be coming with 3 selfie cameras with more megapixels and support for 4k video recording.

this is just to tell you that Google is coming to give other big phones a challenge to break their record. the camera quality of this phone was one of the things there were criticized for when they released the Pixel 6 and now they have upgraded to something far better and bigger.

A source has also claimed that panel shipments will start a month before the month of release, so you can start your pre-order a month before the month of release.

Google announced the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 pros and at the same time didn’t give enough details about the phone which is why most people want to know everything about the phone to enable them to know what exactly there are going to buy.

this doesn’t mean we are going to be giving you everything you need to know but as we said before, we would keep updating you on anything new that comes up about the phone.

According to google the pre-order price of the phone will the maintained till the end of the release month. they also made it clear that the price might fall to the level of pixel 6 for it to be affordable for the first month of release then it will increase to the original price after that.

One of the major things we know about this new pixel 7 is the fact that it is di not really that different from pixel 6 that is in terms of design.

It has three cameras instead of the two cameras that are in other standard phones, both the Pixel 7 and the pro models have the same camera but still have some little differences like the front camera for pixel 7 is only two cameras while for pro is 3 cameras.

According to Google, this bar is now a continuous piece that includes the frame of the phone and all are made from recycled aluminum.

Another thing you should know about this phone is that it will run the latest Google tensor chipset which means there are going to be more powerful than the pixel 6 series and will equally get more advanced features, both in-camera and operating system.

 what we also know about the phone is that it will; equally become with the latest Android 13 software which will be pre-installed on the phone.

Another news we have about pixel 7 is that the smartphone will come with the same size as that of 2021 pixel 6, down to the resolution and screen display. Bit there is a chance that the screen of pixel 7 pro will be brighter and better than that of pixel 7 and others.

this smartphone was also built to have a long-lasting battery capacity which is why they increased the capacity of the battery from 4500mAh to 5000mAh.

The UK Used Google pixel 7 Specifications

Table of Contents

Google Pixel 7 and 7 pros which are supposed to be released by October will be available in every country where it is allowed to enter and will be sold at different prices.

the price pixel 7 and the pro in the UK is ranging from GBP 32 upward. Talking about the storage capacity of the phone is 12GB RAM and 512 GB internal storage.

The colors that will first be released are black and white too and a 50 MP triple rear camera at the back and an 11.1mp selfie camera.

the processor QUALCOMM snapdragon is 899+ and it is coming with a 5G network which will help make your access to the internet faster and easier.

Here are the specifications of google pixel 7 and 7 pro which will be coming out by October 2022;


  • The brand producing the phone is Google
  • The first model to be released in 2022 is pixel 7
  • The release date is guessed to be October 20
  • Status of the phone is upcoming


  • 2G Band : GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • 3G Band : HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 MHz
  • 4G Band: LTE Band 1: 2100, Band 2: 1900, Band 3: 1800, Band 4: 1700, Band 5: 850, Band 7: 2600, Band 8: 900, Band 12-14, 17: 700, Band 20: 800, Band 28: 700, Band 31: 450, Band 71: 600 MHz
  • 5G Brand: 5G FR1: 450 MHz – 6 GHz , 5G FR2: 24.25 GHz – 52.6GHz


  • Type: LTPO AMOLED Display Capacitive Touchscreen, 16M Colors, Multitouch
  • Display Size : 6.71 inches
  • Resolution : 1440 x 3120


  • Back Camera : 50MP +48mp + 12 MP, AF
  • LED Flash
  • Front camera : 11.1 MP (selfie camera)


  • Dimensions : 163.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm
  • Wight : 210g
  • Sim : Nano sim and eSim
  • color: black, white


  • OS : Android 13
  • CPU: Octa-core (2×2.80 GHz Cortex-X1 & 2×2.25 GHz Cortex-A76 & 4×1.80 GHz Cortex-A55) Processor
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 898+ 5G
  • GPU : Adreno 630


  • Internal : 128 GB / 256 GB / 256 GB, 12 GB RAM
  • card slot : No


  • WLAN : Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6e, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot 
  • Bluetooth : 5.2, A2DP, LE, aptX HD
  • Radio : FM Radio: No, USB: microUSB 3.1 Type-C, Music, Alert MP3, Ringtones, Vibration, Polyphonic
  • NFC : Yes
  • OTG: No
  • Loudspeaker : Yes
  • Gps : Yes

Some other specs of this phone you should know that the phone browser is built with HTML 5 and comes with finger print. it is able to download any kind of game as long as it is android supported. the phone is equally protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus.

Structure & Surface of Google Pixel 7 in New York

Google pixel will be soon be available across the world and you will see every sweet thing about this phone. 

Rumored has it that the pixel 7 looks exactly like that of pixel 6 pro but the only difference will be in 7 pro where the screen will be brighter than predecessors.

As a new phone the prices in different countries some how differs, now let’s take our talk to United kingdom which the price is kept at the range of GBP 360. It is actually cheap for people over there compared to their competitors price. 

The phone is not just good, they also made it very cheap so everybody can afford it. 

Coming down to places like Nigeria (Africa), one if the most popularly used online stores in Nigeria is Jumia. 

In Jumia you can get everything you want without waste of time, very cheap and safe. 

Most of the products you will get in Jumia are products that have been released and are on heavy demand. 

For the fact that this product have not really been launched is a good reason for Jumia not to have it I’m their store. But you can get the prices of other ones right in the store. 

Coming down to another big market in the world is the United states. Most of the big phone companies in world have their headquarters in US, so if you want to know the actual price of any digital gadget, US would be the first place to search. 

Most of the top stores in US are in collaboration with google and they have started selling the phone on pre-order. 

As at today, the price of Google pixel 7 is $400 and can increase or decrease. Just as we promised, if anything come up, we would be the first to let you know of the update and will be right here for you.

Capacity of Google Pixel 7 in California

Google pixel 7 is a big smart phone coming form the world best internet giants google, in this section we shall be considering the capacity of their latest phone which is to be launched by October, how much it is in the united  states, when it will be released and how much the phones from google in 2021.

How much pixel 7 in USA ?

it is very hard to see a very good phone and still been kept in a good price. google understands that not everybody can afford phones like Samsung or iPhone but they can still build something that can match up with theirs.

google pixel is seen as one of the cheapest phones out there, not really because they want to make it cheap but because they want to make it affordable for everyone to have access to a phone and internet. 

Google Pixel 7 price in USA is said to be $400 and it is subject to change when the phone is officially released. 

note: the price of the phone is updated daily by local stores and internet phone dealers but we are not guaranteed that the prices give is 100%  correct, so all you need to go to your local stores to know more about any phone you want to buy.

When pixel release?

the actual date of release have not really been announced but the month of release have been announced by the google team during OI conference. the release month for pixel 7 is October and the time for pixel 7 pro will be late in the year, before the year runs out.

What is the price Google Pixel in USA 2021?

in 2021 google pixel released one of the best mobile phones in can get out there and keeping its competitor in the worry room. side the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro that have been released and the sales performed well because a lot of persons liked everything about the phone.

Google pixel as of 2021 was sold for $449 competes most directly with Apple’s iPhone SE, which also costs $449 with the same amount of storage, 128GB. It also competes with other low-cost Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G. But Android fans should pick the Pixel since it includes faster software updates.

Size and Weight of UK used Google Pixel 7 prices in USA

It is important whenever your going to get any gadget you should be able to check all the necessary things you need to know like the camera quality, the type of sim it is using, the weight of the phone, the dimensions, the storage capacity and memory. 

Back to the question of weight and size of Google pixel. 

  • Dimensions : 163.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm
  • Wight : 210g

Google pixel 7 price in USA 2022

As we all know that Google pixel price have been released even though the main phone have not been released but it is been expected by October as announced by Google team. 

The United states being the biggest market have equally placed the phone on pre order and you can get one for yourself from all the stores and online dealers.

As of today Google pixel 7 price is $449 and it is updated on daily by stores and online vendors or dealers. 

Google pixel 7 price in USA jiji ?

Jiji is a large market places that allows people to sell any product they have to a very large audience who seek the same goods they want to sell. 

Jiji market is a Nigerian based market but you can shop from US and get your goods or products shipped to your destination without stress or delay. 

Just like Jumia where you can’t really see much of products that have not been released, Jiji does not post products that is yet to be released. 

But if you want to post an upcoming product, you can but the sell button will not be active. 

So if we are to ask of the price of Google pixel 7 in USA jiji, I would still tell you $449 because that’s the only price that is available right now.

Google pixel 7 price in USA money?

This is the kind of questions we can get from someone who is from US but not in the country and still want to know the price of the phone if transferred to The US currency.

 Google pixel price in USA Dollars is 449 and is subject to change anytime if the company decided to change the price to something lower or higher. 

Either way, always have it in mind that Google pixel is an ideal phone for anybody who knows the value of smartphone 

It has a lot of features that you would give more conviction to buy. Using the latest android 13 which means your phone will be very fast and smart.

Display of available Google Pixel 7 to Buy in USA

Unfortunately the only pixel that is available in the United states right now is pixel 5, 5pro, pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro. 

You can buy any of those ones and still enjoy premium use of phone. 

Pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro have not been released, so you can’t get it anywhere but you can pre-order the phone and await the release. Or better you can buy pixel 6 pro since it nearly has the same with the year to be released pixel 7. 

Chip of Google Pixel 7

The chip set of every phone is always hard to find, especially the ones that have not really been released.

In this article I will be telling you the chipset of pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro

 For the chipset of pixel 7 is Qualcomm snapdragon 898+ 5G

Though this have been mysterious to a lot of persons but in this place we always give you even what others can not, That is why we are the best in the game. 

Google pixel 7 price in USA Uk used 2022?

Sometimes a UK used phones can be shipped to the United states as a fairly used phone and some people will buy it and it will last for them. 

UK used phones are not only shipped to places like the United place but can also be shipped down to other places (countries) but our main focus for now is USA. 

The price of UK used phones that are shipped down to US can not and would never be the same with the price of phone. 

UK used is less expensive but new one, the price is coming from the company and no dealer or store will like to be cheated so they will also add their own charge and the price will increase more. 

UK used depends on how much the dealer got the phones from another dealer who deals on used phone. 

As at 2021, nobody has really thought of any phone called pixel 7 rather there had pixel 6 and pixel 5 and even pixel 6pro. 

Though it might actually be hard to get a Google pixel UK used phone In US but the ones you can get ranges from $300 – $333 that’s including the shipping to your destination.

Google pixel 7 price in USA 2022

As at 2020, we were still talking about how good and well Google have tried in producing a top notch phone that serves the need of every man who want to use good phone. 

Camera OF Google pixel 7

The camera quality of Google pixel 7 and 7pro is top notch. Here is the little details we have for now 

  • Back Camera : 50MP +48mp + 12 MP, AF
  • LED Flash
  • Front camera : 11.1 MP (selfie camera)

Video Recording OF Google Pixel 7 AVAILABLE IN Chicago 

With the inbuilt 4k video recording sensor you can record the best videos in the world and people would actually think it was recorded with digital camera. 

Gives you enough space to store long videos and so on.

 Google Pixel 7 price in USA

The Google pixel price in USA is not really that expensive compared to its competitors. The only company that have come close is Apple with their yet to be release iPhone 14.

Used Pixel 6 price in USA

The price of Used pixel 6 in USA is ranging from 200$ up to 350$ depending on the health of the phone when you bought it.
Latest Google Pixel price in USA

The latest Google pixel right now is the most talked about phone that is coming to your store, Pixel 7 and the price in USA right now is $459

Cellular & Wireless BUY Google Pixel 7

Talking about the connectivity power of this phone, yes it has data connection level where you can turn on your data and have fun online. 

It also has Wi-Fi that helps you get connected to the internet through another persons network.


It is also coming with duo, a video calling app. This way you don’t need to be on WhatsApp before you can make video call. 

Now you can make just normal video call just like FaceTime of iPhone.


All the phones that have ever been produced by Google have audio calling working perfectly. There is no point buying a phone without audio calling.

Google Pixel 6 price in USA

Google pixel 6 price in USA today is $360 and can change depending on the decision of the Google team.

GOOGLE  PIXEL price in USA 2022

Google have not released any phone in 2022 but the one coming now is at 449$ which is good.
Uk used Google Pixel price in USA

Depending on the model you want to buy but all of them have different prices. Pixel 5 is $200, pixel 6 is 300$ while pixel 6pro is $350.

Audio Playback OF Google Pixel 7 AVAILABLE IN New York

Google didn’t really give much information about pixel 7, some can’t really tell if this feature is part of the phone or not but if we find out, we would update you.

Power and Battery OF UK USED Google pixel 7

If you have ever used any phone that is UK used, you will know that most are very strong but or can’t talk about it on this phone because it has not eve been released.

Sensors OF Google Pixel 7 IN California, USA

how much does Google Pixel 7 cost in naira

In Nigeria, the price of Google pixel depends on the exchange rate of the store your using. But on a normal exchange rate, the current price is 165,000 naira.
how much Google Pixel in USA

Google pixel 7 price in USA is 449$ and can also drop to increase, the economy will determine that.
are Google pixel 6 and 7 the same size

Operating System – Android Software of Pixel 7 AVAILABLE TO BUY IN USA

The current operating system of google pixel 7 is the latest software which is android 7, best for speed and good functionality of the phone

Accessibility OF Google Pixel 7 in USA

The availability of the phone is currently very hard because the phone have not been launched so we can’t really tell you that the phone is available. If you really want to get the phone on time and to avoid increase in price after release. 

Also be careful with who ever your dealing with to avoid being scammed people.

In all, the phone is totally not available in the United States for now because it’s yet to be released, we see the magic Google have created. 


It is very rear to see any android device that has only one sim, Samsung did something like that before but changed to producing phones with dual sim. 

As for Google pixel 7, it is coming with dual sim which is one Nano sim and the other one is an eSim.

The details of the Google Pixel 7 In USA Features:

  • It has triple cameras 
  • Has an updated gps 
  • Bluetooth is available: v.5.0
  • Has Wi-Fi and hotspot 
  • Good storage (Ram/Rom)
  • Dual Sim (Nano and eSim)
  • The brand producing the phone is Google
  • The first model to be released in 2022 is pixel 7

The outlook of this Google Pixel 7 in California

When the first picture of the phone was released by Google a lot of persons was wowed because of the effort and work they have put together to build a top notch smart phone that looks so beautiful.

Google Pixel 7 mini price in USA

Google pixel 7 does not have any mini price unlike in the case of iPhones that you can get a mini price of them.
Google Pixel 7 price in USA jumia

Inasmuch as Jumia does not have a branch in the United states, those in US can actually sell and buy anything they want and it will be delivered to them.

Though the phone Is yet to arrive at Jumia store but you can get it in other stores at 449$

Display of Google Pixel 7

  • Type: LTPO AMOLED Display Capacitive Touchscreen, 16M Colors, Multitouch
  • Display Size : 6.71 inches
  • Resolution : 1440 x 3120

It has also been rumored that the 7pro resolution is way higher than others because it is brighter. 

The camera of Google Pixel available to buy in New York

Here are the camera details of Google pixels that are available. 

Google Pixel 6 and 6 pro

  • Primary: 50 MP 1/1.31″ sensor, 1.2µm pixels, 24 mm equivalent f/1.85-aperture lens, OIS, Dual PDAF
  • Ultra-wide: 12.5 MP 1/2.86″ sensor, 1.25μm pixels, 16mm equivalent f/2.2-aperture lens
  • Tele: 48 MP 1/2.0″ sensor, 0.80μm pixels, 102.6mm equivalent (4x) f/3.5-aperture lens, OIS, PDAF
  • LDAF (laser detection autofocus) sensor
  • LED Flash
  • 4K at 30/60fps (4K/30fps tested)

Google Pixel 6

  • It has Dual camera setup
  • Primary camera : 12.2 MP 1/2.55″ sensor, 27 mm-equivalent (standard-wide) f/1.7-aperture lens, dual pixel PDAF, OIS
  • Ultra-wide: 16 MP 1.0µm sensor, 107-degree field of view f/2.2-aperture lens
  • LED flash
  • 4K video, 2160p/60 fps (2160p/30 fps tested); 1080p/up to 240 fps, gyro-EIS

Video and Cinematic mode of Google Pixel 7 in Houston

Looking at the camera quality of this phone, you know that it is 4k supported to help you get a clear video. 

Either your making a video with the phone or your the watching video, We assure you that the camera is top notch. 

Performance Google Pixel 7

We can’t really talk about the performance of what we have not seen. It the phone had been released this information would have been available but we would definitely bring it to you when it’s ready.

Battery life and charging of UK used Google Pixel

The battery life of every fairly used UK google pixel is not really bad, sometimes the battery even use to be better than the said new battery. 

How fast your charging is depends on the type of charger your using. If you use the correct charger, you will definitely get something good.

London used google Pixel 6 price in USA

London used Google pixel 6 price In US is around 300$ for one and also depending on the Ram or Internal Storage too. 
Replica google pixel price in USA

the replica to google pixel price in USA is iPhone 14 which is yet to be released

The Software of Google Pixel 7

One of the unique thing about the upcoming Google pixel 7 is the software version. Before they have been following some trends and going back ward, this time they pulled something huge. 

For faster internet speed and phone speed, they had to pre-install the latest android 13 which not every phone have used or nobody have used.

Price for Brand New Google Pixel  7 in USA:

To get a Brand new Google pixel phone in USA is not hard. Just go to your local store and ask for the price and buy. 

The available Google pixel phones available for now are pixel 5 and 5pro, pixel 6 and 6pro and you can get them within the range of 300$ up to 400$ which very much affordable. 

The UK Used Google Pixel Price in New York:

UK used Google pixel phone is not expensive even though its refurbished but we can’t still call it a new phone. 

Google Pixel price in USA Uk used

All the Google pixel phones you can get in the United states today that are UK used are cheaper and fall between 300$ up to 333$ which is cheaper than the new ones which is around 400$ – 460$

Google pixel 7 price in USA if you want to buy, you should have 500$ on you

You can get UK used if you don’t have enough money to get the new ones which is some how the same. 

Everything is intact, all accessories still intact and you will have no reason to complain about the phone. 

You will also be given a guarantee incase the phone spoils not out of your own careless handling.

Google Pixel 7 price in USA

We are all expecting to hear more things about the phone before it’s release date. The currently Google pixel 7 in USA today is 449$ which is directly competing with Apple’s 14 which is also yet to be released. 

Just like we said from the beginning, Google pixel 7 and apple’s iPhone 14 will be the best phones you will see in the late 2022.

Google Pixel 7 price in USA slot

For now all prices are the same, still the same 449$ and can change any time. For now we are only sure of the change after one month of its release.

The Final Verdict:

Google pixel 7 price in USA is now affordable,  So far we have been able to deliver to you every single thing you need to know about the phone and how you can successful get this phone. 

Though it has not been used but we have seen the different prices of the phone especially that of UK used Google pixel and some features of the phone which should give you every reason to either buy the 6pro which is in the market or you buy pixel 7 which will be released soon.

We equally analyzed the Google pixel 7 price in USA

Either way, we would be here to update you on the latest we know about Google pixel or any other phone you wish to buy.


when Google Pixel 7 release date

Google Pixel 7 will be coming by October 2022

why Google Pixel 7

Google pixel 7 is coming with the latest android 13 and it has other interesting features

how much is Google Pixel 7

google pixel 7 price especially in USA is 449$

which Google Pixel color is best

google pixel 7 have only two colors, black and white which is good

when Google Pixel 7 came out

October 2022

how long Google Pixel 7 takes to charge

Fast in charging if your using the correct charger

which Google Pixel is best

Google Pixel smartphones are good

which google pixel is the biggest

Google pixel 7 is the biggest

how long google battery last

5000mAh can last for 24 hours depending on how it is used

when Google pixel 7 release date

the Release date is October, but the date is not known for now, we would keep you updated

how much is Google pixel 7 in uk

in Uk the price of google pixel 7 is 360 pounds

how long google pixel charge

depending on the charger your using, but the charging can be very fast

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