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Finally! After a very long wait in the space of about 6 months since daddy Google launched the Gboard application for iOS devices, they have finally decided to cast their touch on the ever surplus Android users too.

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The thing is a whole lot of people might just be hearing about Gboard for the first time, so permit me to quickly school you that the app is like a mashup of a keyboard, with Google Search and GIF support.  In other words, Gboard brings the ability to use gesture typing, insert GIFs (Which is only available for a few apps), and share searches right from your keyboard.

Google gboard
Google gboard

Of course, the most interesting feature of this keyboard is its direct integration with Google’s services.

By tapping the included “G” icon, you’re able to immediately search Google without exiting your keyboard and launching a browser or the Google app.

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This allows you to easily search for things like flight times, news articles, restaurant and business listings, weather and more right from your keyboard, then just tap to paste that information into your chat. (You’ll need to give the app access to your location the first time you launch this feature.)

Google gboard
Google gboard

Unlike the iOS version, Android users will have up to three languages to choose from. I know you would be quick to dismiss this but it is a kind of plus to the ever increasing Android user base and gives it an edge over the iOS counterpart.

For now, the app isn’t available in the part of the world – we hope it is soon enough. But trust to have the .apk file ready for you. Just take a ride to the and download the app.

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And just as expected, the app has garnered over hundreds of thousands of downloads. Not surprised a bit. Have you installed Gboard? What do you think?

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