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Android Go is a version of the popular mobile operating system that has been optimised for smartphones with 1GB or less RAM, thus primarily aimed at emerging markets. It’s essentially a set of features and apps for Android, which are set to debut with Android O, that are designed to limit both devices’ system resources and mobile data, helping people in developing nations have a reasonable mobile experience.

Android Go
Android Go

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It is very important to note that this isn’t coming as Android One v2.0 but is a bit different and is meant to cover up what the Android One. Recall that the Android One was launched as a low cost line of consumer electronics devices that run the Android operating system. It is a hardware and software standard created by Google for Android systems, and customers in the developing world.

What does Android Go focus on?

Basically, Android Go focuses on three things, one of which is optimising the latest release of Android to run smoothly on entry-level devices, a rebuilt set of Google apps that uses less memory, storage space and mobile data and finally a version of Play Store that will not only provide the entire catalogue but will also highlight apps specifically designed for entry-level users. All features listed here will ship to Android O devices with 1GB or less memory starting in 2018.

How new playstore would look like on low end phones
How new playstore would look like on low end phones

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According to reports, Google is working on a possible launch of apps like Youtube Go, Chrome and Gboard to utilize a lesser memory and to go at ease on mobile data. The company is also making optimisations to the system UI and the kernel to allow an Android O device built with the Go configuration to run smoothly on as low as 512MB to 1GB of memory.

it is good that big daddy G has decided to consider the emerging markets and create something to suit it, even though we know this would still put money in their pocket.

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