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A few days ago, Google Cast became part of the conversation I was interested in. It started innocuous enough. Somebody wondered what the ‘cast screen’ feature on his Android phone was all about.

Cast Integrated into Google Chrome

He thought it was a form of wireless connection with another Android device because when he tapped on the feature, all he got was a notification from the phone that it could not find any available device nearby to connect.

It didn’t take long before somebody set him right. To use the cast feature you need a cast-enabled TV close by. Basically, the cast feature is a program in smartphones that lets you mirror you phone’s screen onto the TV.

Cast Integrated into Google Chrome
Chromecast on Google Chrome

Which is really nice anyhow you think of it. Which means one can easily watch movies playing on a tiny smartphone on the large TV screen.

Of course you need to have the compatible TV. And a device known as Google Chromecast tongle.

Google Chromecast has been around for the past two years and it seems to be gaining ground among users. I can see how people would love Google Chromecast. I’d go for it too except I am been hampered by the fact I don’t have a compatible TV.

For those who know about Google Chromecast and the tongles, Google yesterday just made it a while lot easier to use and enjoy it on the Google Chrome browser.

Google has now extended the Cast feature to laptops and desktop computers. The Cast function is now to be part of Chrome browser so you can now easily mirror you computer screen onto the TV.

With the feature, you can now stream videos, pictures, music; just about anything from your computer to your TV. So instead of having many people huddling over a computer screen in a tiny space to view an interesting movie on your PC screen, with the Cast in your Chrome browser, everybody can now relax on their favourite chair and watch everything on the TV.

Formerly, if you want to use Cast on your browser, you’d have to download it as an extension in your Chrome browser. The difference now is that the feature comes as part of Chrome. A default feature.

Cast Integrated into Google Chrome
Enabling through Chromecast menu

There is a small caveat though. The feature would only work if the website is integrated with Cast. That should have been a let down because I can’t imagine websites would be rushing to make their sites Cast-compliant. However, even non-Cast websites can enjoy the feature. One just had to go through the menu in Chrome to enable it.

According to Google, their Chromecast Tongles are doing very well in the market place. In the last one month, 38 million pieces of the tongles have been shipped out for sale.

This is apparently because of the high demand for the products. And those figures were even before the integration of the feature into Chrome.

Cast Integrated into Google Chrome
Chromecast Tongle

This means those figures are likely to increase in the coming months as more people rush to acquire the tongles to enjoy their streaming websites right on their TV screens.

Google also said that :

Since we launched Chromecast, we’ve been working to make casting even better. We’ve launched new Cast devices like Chromecast Audio and partnered with other manufacturers to make Cast-enabled TVs and speakers.  We’ve also made significant improvements in quality, with the vast majority of casting sessions now in HD.”

If you are not excited about a feature like this, all I can say is that perhaps you belong to that special breed who have no time for streaming stuff online.

I happen to know what would stop a lot of people from going down the Chromecast tongle route: it is the amount of money involved and the fact you need a special TV for it.

Aside that, having it at home would really Change the entertainment landscape of your house I promise you.


image credit: allidaho.com; oldgoldandblack.com; Google

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