Google, Anvato, Google Cloud Platform

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Google is now showing a lot of intent in the nitty gritty of the broadcasting and video business. This intent was shown with the announcement that it is going to acquire Anvato for an undisclosed sum.

Google, Anvato, Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Services

Anvato was founded nine years ago by Alper Turgut. The technology firm is based in Mountain View, California. That makes them neighbours with their new owners Google.

The firm provides cloud computing services for big media and broadcasting companies like Fox, MSNBC, CBS, NBCUniversal among others. The services provided to these firms by Anvato include tools for online video editing, infrastructure to handle pay per view, insert ads, beam live streams and monetizaion. All these done in the cloud.

Google, Anvato, Google Cloud Platform
Anvato and Google Cloud Platform

That is the sort of company Google is buying. Now you see how Google are barring their fangs. They want to be involved in the technical side of things as well.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Anvato is joining the Google Cloud Platform team. Anvato provides a software platform that fully automates the encoding, editing, publishing and secure distribution of video content across multiple platforms.

Anvato’s Media Content Platform, which counts many large media companies as customers, will complement our efforts to enable scalable media processing and workflows in the cloud.

The cloud is transforming the way video content is created and distributed to an array of connected devices, as well as the way users engage with this content. And in recent years, the adoption of over-the-top (OTT) technologies has emerged as a critical platform for delivering rich audio, video and other media via the Internet.”

That was how Belwadi Srikanth, senior Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform announced the news Thursday.

Google, Anvato, Google Cloud Platform
Alper Turgut

On their part, Anvato were apparently excited by the take over. At least that was what the founder Alper Turgut, said in a blog post:

We are excited to announce that Anvato is joining the Google Cloud Platform team.

Anvato will continue to deliver the full range of cutting edge video processing software solutions for pay TV operators, programmers, broadcasters and live event producers, and will do so on the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.

We are grateful to our media and entertainment customers — NBCUniversal, Univision, Scripps Networks, Fox Sports, Media General, just to name a few — who have not only fueled our growth but also trusted our technology to power their core business.

We are thrilled to bring together Anvato with the scale and power of Google Cloud Platform to provide the industry’s best offering for OTT and mobile video. This will allow us to supercharge our capabilities, accelerate the pace of innovation, and deliver tomorrow’s video solutions faster, enabling media companies to better serve their customers.”

What does this mean for Google? Or to be more specific, how does this move benefit Google Cloud Platform? From the list of clients already using Anvato, this is clearly a move by Google to be a big player in Cloud services.

The truth is, until now, nobody really reckons with the services provided by Google Cloud Platform. What Google could offer broadcasters and media firms were restricted to animation and special effects services. All these would change with the acquisition of Anvato.

Also, there is the feeling that Google wants to rub shoulders with the likes of Microsoft and their cloud-based Azure Media Services and Amazon.

Google, Anvato, Google Cloud Platform

It would be a long time before Google can reach the scale of Amazon’s cloud services though. One of Amazon’s subsidiaries is known as Elemental. They provide similar services to Anvato and have as clients big media outfits like BBC, ESPN and HBO.

Amazon’s Elemental also count Netflix as one of their clients. These are not small fries by any stretch of the imagination.

So even though Google is acquiring Anvato with their heavy clients list, they would have to make their services more competitive before they can be as good as the others too. The fact they are going to leverage on Anvato’s experience will give them a good base to start from. Good luck to them with their new acquisition.


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