Google Hardware division

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Google hardware division has hired it’s first boss, Rick Osterloh. The division was created recently which is a surprise to many people because it was taken for granted that Google hardware division had always being a part of the tech giant all this time. It is logical that a corporation making so many hardwares would have a division solely responsible for coordinating the various production units. Google do things differently I guess.

Google Hardware division
Rick Osterloh

Rick Osterloh is not new to Google though. For a time between 2012 and 2014, he was a Senior Vice President, Product Management in Motorola after Google acquired the company. He was also the General Manager in charge of Premium products in the company for the same length of time. When Google sold the hardware division of Motorola to Lenovo, Rick Osterloh remained behind, this time as the substantive president of Motorola. He resigned from Lenovo and Motorola just two months ago. Google apparently did not want his experience to go to waste. So Osterloh did not find himself out of a job for too long as Google hardware division was created. And Osterloh was recalled back to Google as President of the new division.

The creation of the Google hardware division might not be unconnected with the departure of Regina Dugan to Facebook. It is thought that her departure as head of ATAP created a vacuum that needed to be filled. Instead of appointing a new ATAP head as a direct replacement for Duncan, Google instead decided on the formation of a new division to consolidate all hardware operations under one roof. So the implication of this is that Google hardware division under Osterloh would be in charge of all ATAP’s projects. Some of these projects include the development of the modular phone, known as Project Ara. Other projects to come under Google hardware division include Nexus smartphones; Project Aura which was launched in 2015 to help revive the fortunes of Google Glass and develop other wearable technologies; Google’s video player Chromcast; its increasingly popular personal computer Chromebook; Pixel C; the wireless router OnHub; and the ‘living room‘ initiative, a project by Google which aims to make connected devices for the home, with the ultimate intention of creating a ‘smart homes’ for us.

A question bugging somebody like me is, would the new Google hardware division be charged with the development and manufacture of Nexus phones? It still boggles the mind that a global conglomerate like Google still outsources the making of one of its premium products to companies like LG, Lenovo’s Motorola, HTC, and Huawei the OEM in charge of making the Nexus 6P. Well I don’t suppose a change is going to come soon. After all, the present arrangement seems to work very fine for all parties concerned.

As for Rick Osterloh, one thing is for sure. His wealth of experience in the designing, development and marketing of hardware over the years would be a real advantage for Google. We at Tech Products are wishing him all the best as the new head of Google hardware division.


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