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Have you ever wanted to create online forms like survey for your clients on your webpage? And you’ve been finding it so difficult, thereby limiting your business growth. Have you heard of Google forms?

Google Forms is a platform that allows you to create online forms very fast for surveys, applications, profile update and so on, with responses collected in an online spreadsheet. It is easy and it is free.

When you create your survey, you invite respondents by email. Your respondents can answer your question from any web browser, even on smartphones and tablets. You can view responses on a spreadsheet. Google forms is also use to create contact form on your blog, you can embed Google forms on your website, and get a url that is unique, this is, it will be used to link users to your link.

Google Forms has changed the way Nigeria handle forms, It introduced Nigeria to online forms. Nigerian businesses now process forms electronically, which is fast, more secure and flexible.

Google Forms Limitations

What all its beautiful and simple functions, Google Form is actually limited. If you really mean business and you want something unique and personalized, you should consider Google Forms alternatives like Wufoo, Uregista and the likes.  Let us take a look at Wufoo features and Uregista compared to Google Forms.


Form Design

Completely customizable forms, like changing font, logos with endless colour combinations and many beautiful wallpaper options. No coding required.

But in Google, there’s no sophisticated form design or customization unless you’re familiar with coding.

Payment Integration

Collect payments from your form’s users through PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net but in Google Forms there’s no payment integration.


Provides advanced data analytics that show you conversion rates, error rates, and more—for a deep understanding of your form’s performance, but in Google Forms, there’s no advanced analytics.


Choose from customizable graphs, charts, numbers, text, and datagrids for powerful reporting that that visualizes all of your data but in Google Forms reporting is non-customizable, just default bar graphs, pie charts, and text displays.

Upload Files and Attachments

Users can upload documents, photos, and other media directly into your forms but with Google Forms: No file or attachment uploads.



Every time someone fills out your form, you can be notified through text message, email, RSS feed, and more but in Google Forms, it’s just Email notifications only.



Wufoo has partnered with MailChimp and Salesforce, among others, so you can easily import the data you collect directly into mailing lists, contact information databases, and more, but in Google Forms, no easy-to-use integrations.

11148526_957846440922967_6412622409959235183_oThe alternative in Nigeria  Market is URegista, which is far better than Google Forms, it has the features of Wufoo and even more, and it is targeted for Nigeria Online Market with its Payment options in Naira and Dollar.

URegista has the following features:

Build forms – URegista allows the user to build forms within few minutes easily with our easy to use drag and drop feature. You don’t have to be a computer programmer.

Receive payments – Need to receive payments? Let your applicants pay for your forms online with their debit cards.

Print Slip – Need proof of submission? Let your applicants print a slip after filling your form.

Upload Files – Let your applicants upload photographs, CVs, music, videos and other files while filling your form.

Send Messages – Send SMS and Emails to applicants, either as an auto-response on completion of form, or when required.

Download Submission – Export form submission to CSV (e.g. MS Excel) and download.

Attach forms into your website – With URegista, your applicants can fill your forms on your website directly like you hard-coded it yourself.

Notification: Get notified when you have new submissions via SMS and/or Email.


Google Forms is good, and easy to use. But if you need a more user-friendly form, want to accept payments on your form, or get real notifications like via SMS, or the ability to customize your form like putting your company logo, or changing fonts and colours to suit your company style. You may want to consider Uregista or Wufoo.

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