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Google Fiber has announce that the city of Huntsville in Alabama, USA, is the latest town to have its famed gigabit Internet connection. This city with a population about 200,000, got the cheering news two days ago. The announcement was made by the city officials in the presence of other dignitaries and Google officials.

Google Fiber

Speaking at the event to break the news, Mayor of Huntsville, Tommy Battle said:

“It opens up your workforce. There’s a lot of workforce who is homebound, who can’t get out. Whether they’re taking care of an invalid parent or whether they’re doing parenting or whether they just can’t get out of the house. Now they have the capability of working straight from the home and working back to the home base company.”

While on the part of Google, the news was broken to the world in a blog post by ho said,

“This morning, we stood alongside Mayor Tommy Battle as he announced that we’re bringing Google Fiber to Huntsville, Alabama, using part of the fiber network that Huntsville Utilities is building.

Now more than ever, cities are exploring new ways to help their communities flourish with fiber. Like any infrastructure, such as roads or electric grids, a fiber network is a long-term investment that can benefit a city for decades. In 2014, Huntsville’s leaders shared their vision for a community energized by superfast speeds — and they decided to build a network that could support an electrical smart grid and other municipal needs, plus provide the best of the Web for local families, entrepreneurs, businesses and academics alike. To help achieve this goal, the city asked to hear from fiber providers who might be interested in working together. So we got in touch.”

Google Fiber
Jill Szuchmacher speaking about Google Fiber in Huntsville         

What does this mean for Huntsville? Initially the project would be targeted at individuals at homes and small businesses. For this target group, Google fiber Internet would provide unimaginable Internet speed to speed-up their online activities. Think 100 times more speed than what they are getting now. The benefits are immeasurable.

Google Fiber is a project by Google which aims to provide gigabits internet connection to people. The concept (actually it is now more than a concept) involves laying underground optic fiber cables. It is these cables that would be used to deliver Internet data to people. The optic fiber cables are capable of speeds one hundred times the current broadband connections. Summary: goodbye to video buffering for ever if you have the gigabit connection.

This is one project the world desperately needs. There was a time in Nigeria when the defunct NITEL dug up several cities in the country to lay optic cables. These cables are still there, but nobody is using them. The hope is that the new owners NATCOM, would put them to good use.

Globacom , Nigeria’s second National carrier, was supposed to provide the same service too. Maybe not as fast as the Google Fiber, but still using the same fiber optics technology which we know is faster and more reliable than what the GSM networks are providing. Nobody knows the status of the Globacom cables. All we know is the crappy 3G services they provide like other networks.

Back to Alabama and Huntsville. Google plans that the first people would be connected by next year, while three years down the line, the whole city would be covered by gigabit internet service. For now the cost is $70 and $130 per month. That is for just internet services alone or internet plus internet TV (HDTV) services respectively.

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