Google celebrate 18th birthday

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Google is celebrating her 18th birthday today. Hurrayyyy!

Google has become so ingrained in our lives we tend to think the company has being around forever; perhaps as old as even Microsoft. But Google millennial teen. If Google were human, it would be able to vote in the US November’s presidential election for the very first time. This is another way of saying Google is now officially an adult according to the Constitution  of most countries including that of the United States.

Google celebrate 18th birthday
Google birthday doodle

So how is Google celebrating this momentous occasion. So far the only thing you’d noticed is the doodle GIF made of balloons on the main site. It’s a fun GIF made by the artist Gerben Stenks.

I hope that is not the only thing happening in Mountain View today though. I mean, we are talking Google here. Not just any company struggling to survive the harsh economic climate.

But at the same time, don’t be surprised if that GIF is the only significant thing done by Google to celebrate today. The fact is, 27th September is not a particular auspicious day as far as Google is concerned.

Google celebrate 18th birthday
Larry Page, co-founder of Google; and CEO of Alphabet

Here is why. The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, registered the Google domain name on the 15th of September 1997. I was a year later, on September 4th, 1998, that the two ambitious young men registered the name Google as a company.

So there are three different dates whose only common denominator is the month of September. The question now is why or how did the 27th become the official birthday of Google? I mean logic should dictate that it should be a straight fight between the 4th and 15th.

Google celebrate 18th birthday
Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google

It is safe to say that Google settled on that day, that is 27th, because the first time Google used a doodle to mark it’s birthday was on that day in 2002. So because of a doodle, we are now stuck with 27th September as Google ‘s official birthday.

So what has changed since the company was founded 18 years ago? That is apart from the fact that it has now grown to be the biggest web firm putting Amazon aside? And there is talk that it would even take over the number spot from Amazon very soon.

Well for starters, Google has grown so big the company’s name is now a bona fide verb in the English language. You can use it to form grammatically correct sentences. All thanks to the fact that its main service, the search engine known as Google, is the world’s default search engine. Everybody uses Google.

Online businesses now define their success by their ranking on the search engine. Millions of dollars are made or lost daily by a website’s visibility on Google search. That is how important Google is.

Google celebrate 18th birthday
Google birthday doodle GIF image

But Search is just one of the services offered by Google. The tech giant have branched out into so many niches it is practically impossible to track them all.

It owns the biggest online video website YouTube and the biggest email service Gmail. These are just two products that make Google the behemoth we know today.

Just recently the company decided to branch into the mobile phones hardware business. It’s revamped hardware division would be in charge of making the phones which are expected to be launched on the 4th of this month.

I guess if you own, Android, the world’s largest mobile phones operating system, it is only right you also build a phone to take advantage of the OS

But far and away the most ambitious project the company has embarked on is the Loon Project. Google Project Loon is an initiative to provide high speed internet access remove regions of the globe using giant inflated balloons moving slowly in the stratosphere.

With all these product and services, it was just natural that a holding or parent company was created last year to oversee the operations and take care of the business end while the researchers focus on their primary duties.

Google celebrate 18th birthday
Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google

The new company, known as Alphabet, appointed Larry Page as CEO. While Sundar Pichai, former deputy to Larry Page, was given Page’s job as CEO of Google.

If Google were human, in three years time, according to US laws, Google would be eligible to buy and drink beer as a full fledged adult. Hopefully, the celebrations then would be more than just GIF doodles.


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