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Ahead of its Pixel 2 Event, Google has quietly added a new voice to Google Assistant. The AI, which can be found on Google Home and the company’s handsets, no longer skews female.

Interesting and cool today is new upgraded fact that on your Google Assistant enabled device, you have the option of making your Google Assistant a dude. Google just added an ambiguously named “Voice II” option under the Assistant Voice settings menu in the Google Assistant preferences (first spotted by Android Police). Selecting it gives you a huskier Artificial Intelligent (AI) assistant across all your devices; be it the iOS app, a Pixel phone, or the Google Home speaker.

Very often you’ll hear people use the pronouns “her” or “she” to refer to their digital assistants even though the formless slab of consumer electronics they’re referencing is so obviously genderless. Not surprising really, when Apple’s Siri defaults to a voice labeled “female,” Microsoft’s Cortana default voice was recorded by Jen Taylor, and Amazon’s assistant is named Alexa. Now your Google Assistant can be a “he” or “him” as well.

To switch to the new intonation (probably in US English only), select settings on your phone Assistant or the Google Home app. The voice options can then be found in preferences, under “assistant voice.”

Soon enough both male and female versions of Google’s digital helper will be heard emanating from a range of new Google hardware.

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