Sharing journey with a stranger while making bucks - GoMyWay

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Sharing journey with a stranger while making bucks - GoMyWay
Sharing journey with a stranger while making bucks – GoMyWay


With the huge success recorded in the last one years covering the major states in Nigeria, GoMyWay has reasons to celebrates. According to the information circulating around, GoMyWay have been able to garnered 4,000 registered members and over 30,000 seats offered across 20 states in Nigeria. 

After a full year of connecting passengers and car owners going along the same route in Nigeria, ride-sharing platform, GoMyWay, is celebrating its anniversary today.

What GoMyWay does different is to connect car owners and passengers who are going to the same route, and with that process the car owner will be able to earn some nairas from the person picked, the passenger also gain by not paying full transport fare to the destined location and also have comfortable seat in a private car that will not only boost prestige but bond between the parties parties upgraded to friendship

In the words of CEO and co-founder, Damilola Teidi,“The benefits of ride-sharing to Nigeria, its citizens and the environment are huge. It has also been interesting to see the role it plays in building new connections, which is something we highlighted in our anniversary video. Our goal is to continue to build a wider and more trusted community of ride-sharers, with major presence in key states in the country; and in a not too distant future, roll out to other african countries.”

In the few years, we at TechProducts, that GoMyWay might end up in the trend of ubernification, where users can hail a taxi from the app

There’s a page that shows how much GoMyWay users love the platform. And if you’re too lazy to click, here’s a video of some GoMyWay community members sharing their experiences.

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