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Gmailify is the latest product Google is introducing in their bid for world domination. That sounded a bit alarmist, but what is one expected to think when Google is doing things like Gmailify. If you follow Google closely, you would be aware that over the last 12 months the company upgraded the Gmail app for Android so that users can have access to other email accounts like Yahoo mail.


With the launch of Gmailify on the Wednesday, the 17th of February, the Gmail app has being further upgraded to bring even more original Gmail features to those who are resisting to temptation to open a Gmail account. It is as if Google is telling them that, one way or the other, we will get you.

For us who have already succumbed to the Gmail bug, we know the Gmail app does the thankless job of organizing our email inbox neatly into categories. These categories include Updates, Purchases, and Social. That way you know what to expect when you tap any of the categories. There is also the easy method of deleting messages by just swiping them out of the screen. Clearing our inbox of useless or unimportant mails has never being easier. The spam protection feature in Gmail is also awesome. Gmail helps to filter out future spam messages if you hit ‘Report Spam’ button the first time a spam message gets into your inbox.


It is these features and much more that makes Gmail such a great tool to use. And now Gmail want the dissenters, who are yet to have an account with Gmail to have a taste. And sign up after getting hooked hopefully.

So for those still using emails services such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook, Google is saying they can still keep their less awesome accounts while still enjoying all the benefits loyal Gmail account holders have being enjoying. Services that include faster inbox search ability, very organized inbox, great protection against those ubiquitous spam messages, faster and better notifications when they receive mail on their smartphones, Google Now cards and hotel reservations.

So how does this work? Or to put in Gmail-speak, how do you ‘Gmailify’ an email address? In the Gmail app interface, look for and tap the Menu and proceed to tap Settings. In the settings section, the user would be able to easily link the non-Gmail account to Gmail. And if you are a bit sceptical about this, there is also the option of delinking the non-Gmail account at a later date or even immediately if you wish. Delinking the non-Gmail accounts means you can still have access to these emails, but without the Gmail features.

This update is coming on the heels of the new security update Google launched for Gmail users accessing their mails through their PCs and Smartphones. Some of these security updates include getting alerts from Gmail if the sender of the email is doing so from an unsecured connection. It works in reverse too. That is, you get a notification if the recipient of your message is connected to an unsecured network.

Google is simply making it difficult for people not to sign up to their free services with all these upgrades. That is the first step towards world domination. My opinion of course.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use the Gmailify feature.

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