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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have recently being under the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Netflix started it all with a crackdown on proxy users. A few days later Paypal joined the fray to make using VPNs more difficult. That notwithstanding, VPN are still very important to a lot of people, so choosing the right VPN is something that must not be taken lightly. After all you are talking about your online privacy here.

Good VPN

So what are the features of a good VPN? What are the boxes a good VPN needs to tick before you sign up for it? Or, what makes a particular VPN bad?

Many factors must mesh together to make  particular worthy of your time. A good VPN must tick at least 75% of prerequisites before you sign up to them. Here is a list of what to consider. It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive.

A good VPN must be able to provide you with secure tunnelling that cannot be easily breached. The type of protocol used by the VPN is very important. Most VPN use protocols like L2TP, PPTP, SSL/TLS and IPSec. There are a host of other protocols out there. But these are the most common ones used to provide you with secure connection.

Fortunately, most VPN around use these protocols for encryption, so most often than not, secure connection is guaranteed. However, you need to check it out just to make sure a good protocol structure is in place. But if you are in doubt because of the sheer number of encryption protocols, you can just stick to a network or VPN using IPSec or SSL. These two are the most common. And they do the work adequately.

Good VPN

Account Protection
A good VPN would be secure enough to ensure that nobody can access your account details. This is important because, online dupes can use such information to commit crimes using your name. Your stolen information can also be used to access your bank accounts. This is the most common crime committed by hackers if they can get your account details.

However, most VPN can have access to your information. The important thing here is that they don’t share these info with any third party. So you must read the terms and conditions of the VPN provider to know fully how they intend to protect your account details and online activities.

It goes without saying that you would look for the most affordable VPN before you make a choice. There is no correlation between cost and a good VPN service. Sometimes, the free services can be as good as the paid premium services. It just depends on the VPN provider.

Good VPN

However, the rule of thumb is to pay if you are serious about masking your location online. The thing about free services is that most times, it is hard to demand improvement in quality of service since you are not paying for it. As a paid subscriber, it is your right to expect the best from them at all times. And it is your right to demand for a refund if you feel short-changed by them.

Online Protection
While searching for a good VPN service provider, a very good bonus is an anti-virus feature. Though as a sensible online person, it is expected that you have a good anti-virus in your system. Having an extra layer of security from your VPN is not a bad thing really. A good VPN should integrate a very efficient anti-spyware and anti-malware feature in their VPN to help you scan and eliminate viruses and other harmful stuff before they reach your hard drive.

So, forget Netflix and their allies, if you are seeking secure online anonymity, go ahead and pick a good VPN service using these features as a general guide. It would be very hard to go wrong by following these pointers.

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