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It has been argued severally and on different fronts that African nations should try means possible to enlighten and develop the citizens on Information Communication and Technology (ICT). Even if the nations create platforms for IT development, it now boils down to the citizens of the nations if they are ready to leave the status quo and embrace development.

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This seems to be an optimistic situation in Ethiopia as the latest news of IT graduates shows both zeal from the citizens of the country, and commitment from the organization that’s helping to make the country an IT-literate nation.

Following six months of intensive training, Ethiopian IT company, Gebeya has announced its first ever graduation of software developers from its institute.

The IT training company, Gebeya is a platform for development of IT skills and an avenue for IT-skilled individuals to develop their skills and to create better market opportunities for themselves.

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For the reason stated in the paragraph above, Gebeya was launched in Ethiopia last year. Subsequently, its training academy was launched in September that same year in the country’s capital, Addis Ababa.

Before the candidates that graduated from the IT company were selected for the training, some procedures were followed. The first of all being the submission of applications to partake in the training. After the submission of the applications, the applications were thoroughly screened by IT experts. Following the screening, the candidates to partake in the screening were selected. The candidates selected to partake in the six months training were seventy in number.

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During the course of the training, the candidates were given opportunities to work for clients both locally and internationally, and input their IT skills into the client’s company. The training has however developed the participants into top notch skillful individuals in the IT category.

Gebeya who have created a platform for training, marketplace and also incubation has evolved the IT skills of these graduates. Congrats to the graduates on their graduation.

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