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Chinese smartphone maker ” Tecno “ have dominated the low end smartphone market in Africa for years. From cape to Cairo, or more pronouncedly from the tech savvy cities of Nairobi to the commercially hectic city of lagos. From the poor farmers of mali, middle class of Lagos to the super rich in cape town. Techno have virtually single handedly changed the status quo of the low end smartphone market albeit push aggressively into the high end ones. One of such conscious effort by the chinese brand to gain a foothold in the “fairly high” end smartphone market is the introduction of the Techno Phantom 5. It may come a little less pricy than other smartphones of it class and it may dazzle in a new mettalic body in the market but it still isn’t worth a lot of hype. Not convinced? Well let’s take a look at some of its outstanding flaws;
techno phantom 5_
Image credit: techno Nigeria

– standard market trend for tablets is a 2048×1080 resolution, but it seems that’s too much to ask. Perhaps the designers were a little bored with the current resolution so they went for a lower resolution of 1080×1920 which is quite uncalled for.
-it seems tecno and mediaTek CPUs are a marriage made in heaven. While other smartphone in it class offer a more badass CPU, take decided to play Mr.conservative by fielding the MediaTek 1.5GHz Octa-core cortex – A53.
-it may feature a 3000mAh capacity battery, but don’t get your charting gears just yet. The 3000mAh doesn’t really offer much electric juice, so if you are staying in places with epileptic power supply, sorry dude, you are busted.
-at a ridiculously high price of #87,000, one would be forced to rethink priorities. Personally I believe tecno was supposed to be the definition of cheap when it comes to smartphones, but with it recent marketing decision I guess I have been conned.
-tecno obviously have a serious beef with 4G connectivity. While countries like Germany and the united kingdom are promising internet users a “_one second_” movie download with improved 5G network, tecno believe without doubt that 3G is the bomb. This is evident in their blunt refusal to upgrade the Phantom 5 to 4G.
-Another wacky concept is the placement of phantom 5’s speaker at the back of the device . One would have to make the screen face down to enjoy the phantom 5 Speaker’s power . There are better places to have placed the speakers like underneath the smartphone as seen in the iPhone 6.
-for a smartphone that has 13mp and 5mp cameras, one would expect a serious minded design by adding a dedicated camera button. Sadly that is not the case, in fact tecno have never really been fans of dedicated camera button, so I am not surprised.
-for tecno IP57 and IP67 certification is rocket science. Firstly IP57 is being waterproof and IP67 is being rustproof but tecno obviously have no dreams (at least not in the nearest future) to make their phones to this specification. Even a supposedly high end phone like the phantom is not IP57 and/or IP67 certified and that’s bad news for quality assurance.
tecno phantom 5
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Technology is something quite innovative and fun, but when its bugged with repetition it becomes stale. The difference between Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 is quite jaw breaking but with the techno phantom series , expecting major spec’s upgrade is at your own risk. Believe me even prehistoric cave dwellers had better chances of upgrade. The tecno phantom A1, A2,A3 ,Z and phantom 5 are not so different in spec’s, just a bunch of recycled hardwares with little cosmetic Brushup.

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  1. iPhones are great but I must say that they are VERY expensive. When it comes to functionality, the phantom 5 takes the cake. What I love about it is that its actually affordable. You haven’t really convinced me not to buy the phone coz I still feel like buying it

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