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Every year, the consumer electronic show with its calvary of futurististic gadgets leave spectators and observers alike delighted, bewildered and amazed. Though, the were plenty of many other ingeniously crafted gadgets unveiled at CES 2016, the were certain ones that got a lot of onlookers scratching their head — futuristically designed gadgets. The future of yesterday is today, wait no more because the hi-tech futuristic gadgets we dreamed of yesterday is here today. Here a number of futuristic gadgets unveiled at CES 2016.
Logbar ili necklace
How would you feel about a necklace device that translate between spoken languages in an instance just like in science fiction movies? Well, Logbar, company with operations in Japan and California, is promising to make that sort of instant translation a reality. The device will initially translate between English, Japanese and Chinese and doesn’t need to connect to anything to do so, according to spokesperson Christine Goff. A version two of the device will include a Thai, French and ,Korean language database, the company promised. The device has its own operating system and its languages is catalogued entirely within the device. To use the ili translator, the wearer simply speaks into it and a speaker plays back an interpretation of the language in whatever is the desired language of the user. Logbar claims the ili is the first wearable translator in the world. The company is aiming to release the ili in the summer, with no price announced yet. Logbar is better known for its ring shaped gesture based controller, the Logbar ring, but if it’s successful in pulling off a considerably efficient and accurate translator, then we might just be at the very edge of saying goodbye to language barriers.

 Cerevo Tipron Robot
We live in a mobile world were its seems everything is getting mobile and there nothing to limit this ever forward moving trend. Well, its seems the relative immobility of our huge 64 inches TV and home theatre projectors is the limit. Forget the R2-D2, this ne Cerevo Tipron Robot unveiled at CES 2016 is the new sexy. Unlike most human shaped robots with two weird eyes, the cerevo Tipron rocks only one huge crystal-like eye, of course you would expect that from a projector that fires images and videos of up to 80 inches on the wall. Ouch! Did I say fire? Well it looks that way, the cerevo Tipron prjects clear images with a maximum of 80 inches size from a 3 meter distance and can adjust the size while it moves. Yes, It moves around, and you can tell it where to go with an app. You can also save favorite locations and program it to go ccertain places at certain times. Like most futuristic gadgets at CES 2016, pricing for the Cerevo Tipron is pretty much a mystery.

Akoustic Art A speaker
To be entirely honest, I still have not the slightest idea as to how this one is going to work or whether it will work at all, at least not yet. Nonetheless, forget the unending list of bluetooth speakers out there, the Akoustic Art “A” speaker is one of those very cool ( cool in a nerdy way) speakers you should definitely save for, that’s if it actually works. The Akoustic Arts “A” speaker is uni-directional, and it can “purportedly” blast sound directly into your ears from across the newroom without anyone else hearing it. To put it simply, it’s a speaker that only you can hear when it is playing, even if there are a bunch of other people in the room. Its one of those nerdy gadgets that give you that Star Wars feeling, and Yes, it appearance may not look the part, but it sure works like something from Star Wars.

Withings thermometer
It’s a thermometer and I included this with much reluctance, but at the end, it seems it’s worth the spot. The thing about thermometers is that it’s a very useful gadgets that very few people ( I mean like very few) actually enjoy. It’s outrightly invasive and doesn’t give a damn about your privacy ( pun intended), you have to put it under your tongue, under your armpits and in, well in other non-public spots. Now, that’s were the withings smart thermometer — The Thermo— comes in. The Thermo is designed to be much less invasive and complicated than
the ones you’ve been using. To use, You just place it on the side of your head, it then utilises infrared sensors to take your temperature. A complimentary smartphone app shows your temperature over time. It recognizes all the members of your family individually, and can share all that info with your doctor. Also importantly, You can use it to track your medication intake too, unless of course you are planning on overdosing on your lumefantrine.

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