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When  it comes to the things of technology, tertiary institutions in Nigeria are beginning to have a daring mindset. The mindset of “Nothing is impossible” is beginning to blaze their minds.

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Early last month, the Techproducts team reported that University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN incubator hub planned to produce laptops and tractors. The question on the lips of many was that how could this be possible? A country that cannot boast of producing the laptop parts’ how could a tertiary institution achieve such a feat? This made a lot of negativity surround the claim by UNN.

Before then, we also reported that Hebron labs was launched by a university in the nation. The ICT hub which was launched by the private university is the first startup lab to ever get launched by a Nigerian university. So, you agree with me when I say the tertiary institutions are daring?

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However, another university in Nigeria, Federal University Of Technology, Akure (FUTA) has also done something historic. The university of technology, FUTA launched a nano satellite into space yesterday.

Reports have it that Space X Falcon 9 Rockets launched Birds 1 Satellite into space from Kennedy Space centre, Florida, USA. The Birds 1 satellite launched, consisted of five CubeSats, with the satellites being from Ghana, Mongolia, Bangladesh and Japan.

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The nano satellite that belongs to FUTA is called “Nigeria Edusat-1”. From the name, it can be coined that the satellite was made with educational intents strictly in mind. The satellite wasn’t made solo, as there were joint efforts from National Space Research And Development Agency (NSRDA) and Japan’s Kyushu Institute of Technology.

Apart from educational purposes, the satellite can be used in bettering the socio-economic state of the nation.

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As more news from the satellite launch are expected, the Techproducts team will like to congratulate FUTA for this historic feat.

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