things to know about Apple AirPods

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Since Apple’s latest flagship phone, iPhone 7, was launched, the expected storm around the new device was as it should be. Techies and smartphones aficionados have been going over the new phone with a fine comb. Nothing has being spared in the rush to declare the new phone the best thing to happen to humanity since the internet, or the worst and unnecessary piece of gadget since Steve Jobs decided a very expensive phone as a fashion statement was a darn good idea.

things to know about Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

And yes, the new phone is still expensive.

The biggest noise over the iPhone 7 is linked strangely enough, to the fact there is no 3.5mm jack for an ear piece. Instead, to use an ear piece you have to buy a lightening piece that connects to the phone’s charging port. That feature has being around for a while now in some phones.

For iPhone 7, Apple decided on what it called AirPods as the ultimate accessory if you want to enjoy music with an earpiece. Simply put, AirPods are wireless ear pieces for the iPhone.

And like all things Apple, they come expensive too. They would set you back about $160 if you decide you needed it to go with your iPhone 7. And to be frank, what is the point of iPhone 7 if you don’t buy the one thing that makes it stand out from other iPhones. Or to put it another way, how would the world know you own an iPhone 7 if you don’t have an AirPod attached to your ears?

So while you are thinking whether to buy a pair of AirPods or not, here are some crucial things you should know to help you along with your decision.

Interconnectivity between all Apple devices

things to know about Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

If you also own an Apple watch, you don’t have to pair it to the AirPods separately from the iPhone 7. All the information about the watch is seamlessly passed on to the pods by your iPhone 7.

So if you are playing music on your Apple watch, the AirPods automatically transmit it to your ears.

Better still, iCloud ensures that all you Apple devices are paired to the AirPods, so that each device would discover the AirPods if they are nearby even if there is no connection between the pod and devices yet.

AirPods can be used with old iPhones

things to know about Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

There is the assumption that since the AirPods were launched together with the iPhone 7, the device is not compatible with other iPhones. That is not true.

You would be able the use the AirPods with iPhones starting with the iPhone 5. That means, apart from iPhone 7, you have a choice of about 8 models of iPhones to chose from to use with the AirPods.

Apart from from these earlier versions of iPhones, the pods can be used with all sizes of iPad pro, iPad mini 4, mini 3, Air 2, Air, and mini 2.

But you need to have the latest iOS (iOS 10) in these devices though while your Apple computer must be on macOS Sierra.

You can use the AirPods with other operating systems

things to know about Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

Since AirPods work with Bluetooth to pair with devices, it follows that even your humble Android phone can pair with the AirPods. So even a Windows PC, or even the smart watches from Samsung with the Tizen operating system would work with AirPods.

However, if you want to get the full functionality of the AirPods, you just need to get a compatible Apple device. For instance, Siri controls most basic operations in the AirPods and we know Siri is exclusive to Apple devices only.

You can buy just one as replacement for lost, damaged or stolen AirPod

Having to lose one ear piece reduces our enjoyment music by more than just half. It is simply not fun using just one ear piece. According to Apple, if for some reason you lose one AirPod, you don’t have to shell out almost $160 to get a new set. You can order or buy just one to replace the missing one.

For now, nobody knows how much a single AirPod would cost,  but I know for sure it is going to be far cheaper than having to buy a pair of AirPods.


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