First Ever Tech Hub In Somalia

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First Ever Tech Hub In Somalia
First Ever Tech Hub In Somalia

In the capital city of Somalia, this month, we will be seeing the rise of the first ever community-based tech innovation hub situated in Mogadishu. This Hub called iRise will give access to Somali entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, developers, and startups the opportunity to work together, share ideas and innovations and collaborate on their various ideas. The great idea was brought to light by a group of young men who are set on a course to transform Somalia into a digital and tech entrepreneurship hub.

Abdihakim Ainte, the major founder of the iRise, revealed that the vision that birthed the innovation was to see Somalia catching up with the rest of the world in the tech sector. The economy of the country has not been totally stable considering the insurgency of the Shabaab that happened in the country. That incidence actually fuelled the security risks and limited internet access plus the lack of innovation policies to improve the technology of the country.

These days, with the influx of smartphones and internet in the country, the young people in the country have clearly revealed their interest in technology. The creation of this Hub will provide entrepreneurs access to training and development of ideas.


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