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Most times, smartphone users have feature phones to support their smartphones. I’m also using a feature phone as well. The basic importance of feature phones is strictly their low power consumption and extremely long battery duration. A fully charged feature phone can go as long as three to four days before the battery is fully drained. So therefore, in a nation like Nigeria that the power supply stability still bares some question marks, smartphone users just have to use the feature phones as back up.

This has caused us to launch the feature phones series in which we will be bringing to you the specifications of feature phones in order for you, our readers to know fully well what you want to get before buying it.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at Nokia 222, a feature phone from the Finnish OEM – Nokia. The feature phone has a cool design as well as a camera size of 2 megapixels.


The display screen of the Nokia 222 is 2.4 inches, and as expected isn’t a touchscreen. The display resolution of the device is 240 x 320 pixels. The screen resolution reminds me of those days when games were downloaded on feature phones that supported Java, and the 240 x 320 size is looked for and termed the average size for quality gaming experience. Do you also remeber? Its pixel density is 167 ppi.


Nokia 222 has a very cool camera with a size of 2 megapixels. This is a very good attracting factor from the feature phone. The 2 megapixels camera is located at the back of the device. Don’t ask for more; it has no front-facing camera.


Nokia 222 has a pretty impressive battery capacity of 1,100mAh. You know quite well that it’s a feature phone, so its consumption will be very low, that is, the 1,100mAh assures the device has a standby time of 696 hours.


The feature phone has a 16MB storage capacity for the storage of music files, videos, pictures and games. Another interesting feature of the storage space is that it also supports the usage of a microSD card, that is, it has a microSD slot. The storage can be extended up to 32GB with the aid of the microSD card.

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