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Yesterday, we kick started the feature phones series with the specifications of Nokia 222. For those that missed that article, you can click on Nokia 222 in the previous sentence.

On to the next, the feature phone that will be looked at today is a feature phone produced by one of the best hands in the smartphone industry – Samsung. You know pretty well that a man’s surname tells you who his father is, and directly giving a glimpse of what kind of man he could be (not so right in some cases). Samsung Metro B313E has definitely taken after its father because it is beautiful piece of art from Samsung. You know Samsung rarely disappoints, right? Let’s quickly dissect the device.


Samsung Metro B313E has a display screen of 2.0 inches with a TFT display type. Its pixel density is pegged at 128 x 160 pixels unlike the 240 x 320 pixels seen in Nokia 222. The feature phone also boasts of a T9 keyboard beneath the display screen.


Samsung Metro B313E has a weight of 74g; representing extreme lightness. Its dimensions are 112.7 x 46.4 x 13.1mm. The rectangular shaped feature phone has three colour variants which are: White, Gold and Black.


The Samsung Metro B313E has a storage of 2MB. I have to add this, if a battle of titans in the storage category was to take place between the Nokia 222 and Samsung Metro B313E, the Samsung Metro B313E will lose both the battle and the war. The 2MB storage can however be increased up to 16GB with the use of a microSD card. This will be enough to save up different forms of files.


Samsung Metro B313E uses a mono-core processor with a processor speed of 208MHz.


Yes, don’t be surprised, Samsung Metro B313E has a camera. Its camera size is 0.3MP without the support a LED flash.


What will you say about a feature phone with 1,000mAh, is it cool or not cool? It’s actually cool. Although its not up to the Nokia 222’s battery capacity, it boasts of a 6hours talktime.

What’s your take on this feature phone from Samsung?

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