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As the weekend kicks off today, we’ll also like to draw a close to the feature phones series for this week. Don’t worry, a new feature phone will be on your screens on Monday. The device that will be have the honour of rounding up this week’s series of feature phones is the Nokia 105 (2017). Well, there was a former version of the Nokia 105. That version is the 2013 version of the Nokia 105. There are some striking similarities as well as differences but those aspects won’t be focused on. Nokia 105 (2017) will be looked at as a fresh paper off the folder.

So, what are the features of this feature phone? I’ll answer that myself, it’s not a question for you (*winks*). Just like every Nokia feature phone, it has a durable battery life. Nokia 105 (2017) has a dual SIM ability. It also has a change in its charging port type. Continue reading to unlock the further details.

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Nokia 105 (2017) has a display size of 1.4 inches. This comes along with the screen resolution of 120 x 160 pixels for clarity of texts and icons, with its screen resolution density pegged at 143 ppi.


The battery of this feature phone is 800mAh that ensures a long duration of the phones’s power. Nokia is well known for long battery duration in the feature phones’ category; this is no exception. I won’t forget to add that the battery is a removable type. The ability to be removed by this battery also depicts that it is replaceable. This is a very common feature in all feature phones.

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The feature phone isn’t like the regular feature phone, as it supports dual SIM usability. However, there’s no bluetooth connectivity.


The Nokia 105 (2017) also has a flashlight at the top. This flashlight is basically for directory functions in dark conditions. Also, the charging port was changed from the regular “pin mouth” to a micro USB v2.0. An audio jack is also present at the top of the device.

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