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Fastly’s global radar has now spotted Africa, and the international company seeks to add worldwide reach to its network in order to support increasing real-time web, app and API content delivery traffic. To push forward its African market entry, Fastly collaborates with network provider Workonline Communicationa and data provider Teraco.

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“Fastly learned about Teraco’s datacentre service offering at the Pacific Telecommunications Council event hosted in Honolulu, Hawaii each January. Michelle McCann of Teraco provided detailed information about the datacentre and connectivity market in South Africa which helped us speed the site selection and decision making process,” said Fastly’s Vice President of Infrastructure, Tom Daly.

“An African business can leverage Fastly to have a global internet reach instantly. A site can be hosted in Jo’burg, onboarded to Fastly at our JNB POP, and then replicated throughout the world instantly to Fastly’s 35 global POPs. This means users can have a consistent browsing speed and experience, whether they are sitting in Jo’burg, London, or Tokyo,” added Daly.

Fastly intends to leverage its edge cloud services in order to set a landmark that will distinguish itsselfn from competitors. Provision of network service, security, value-added edge services will be delivered by the edge cloud.

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Michele McCann, Teraco’s Head of Business Development said, “Fastly provides a CDN service to digital organisations like BuzzFeed, Pinterest, Shopify, Shazam, and Alaska Airlines from key access points on the Internet (POPs). This indispensable service reduces network transit time when delivering content to end-users who are now able to enjoy a richer experience from these online organisations.”

While at Teraco, Edward Lawrence, Director of Business Development said Fastly adds new blood to the African scenery as the collaboration will spring up more development in the continent.

 Lawrence stated, “We realise the importance and the benefits of a CDN deploying in our market, particularly in terms of improved quality and cost reduction. Major CDNs like Fastly’s offering add enormous potential to the development of the local market as a whole. Workonline Communications is committed to providing the best for Africa as well as to developing the African market in every way possible. We are excited to be involved in the launch of Fastly in Africa.”

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