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Were you one of the lucky few that saw Facebook’s Mother’s Day reaction emoji? Well don’t rush over to your Facebook app to search for the emoji. You won’t find it. It turns out that Facebook’s Mother’s Day reaction emoji was just a temporary update to celebrate Mother’ Day marked two days ago.

Facebook's Mother's Day reaction emoji

For the unlucky ones who did not see the commemorative emoji, it was designed to look like a purple flower. Users could it to express their gratitude to their mothers for, well, being a mother. If you never saw it, don’t feel bad because not many people were aware of it. Facebook did not make a big announcement of it. According to the Verge, a twitter user noticed (accidentally I am sure) the purple flower. That was three days before Mother’s day. Facebook said in a statement that,

“To celebrate Mother’s Day, we are testing the ability for people in a few markets to leave a flower reaction,”

There was some excitement at the report. Some felt Facebook’s Mother’s Day reaction emoji was an addition to the reactions buttons Facebook introduced three months ago. But those who saw it on and prior to Mother’s Day discovered it was missing by Monday. They were the lucky ones, at least they saw it and perhaps used it to wish their mum a happy Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Facebook's Mother's Day reaction emojiThe question now is, what was Facebook’s plan? Did they introduce the new Mother’s Day emoji to see how people would react to them? We might never know the real answers to those questions. Unless Facebook decide to clear the air on the strange case of Mother’s Day emoji. One thing that really tickled me was that for once, even Facebook users in the US did not get to see Facebook’s Mother’s day reaction emoji. At least, let them taste how it feels to be left out of using a new product or service.

This new, albeit temporary emoji is similar to Snapchat’s Lenses and Google’s Doodles. That won’t be surprising though. Because recently, Facebook has being upgrading and adding features to its core apps that are blatant copies of what Snapchat, Twitter and Google are offering. Upgrades like live streaming video services was throwing down the gauntlet at YouTube and Periscope. While buying masquerade was seen as a bit to attract younger users who prefer to use Snapchat.

But whatever the case, Facebook Mother’s Day reaction emoji could be a window into the future. Perhaps, very soon, we would see more reaction buttons on Facebook. I guess the thinking is that emojis like that make apps more fun to use. So I see the Mother’s Day stunt as a sneak peek into what the world of Facebook emojis might look like. It is conceivable that temporary emojis would be released to mark special days in the year. Maybe an emoji to celebrate World AIDS Day. I wonder how that emoji would look like. That’s a problem for the artists.

As for those who actually used the Facebook Mother’s day reaction emoji, the purple flower would still be present in photos or post they were attached too. Especially if they were nice looking.


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