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Facebook and WordPress have developed a free Facebook WordPress plugin that would make it easier for owners of small blogs on WordPress to publish their post very easily and immediately on Instant Articles. This is coming ahead of the global launch of Instant Articles to all publishers on all platforms. This global launch would take place on the 12th of April at Facebook’s F8 conference in San Francisco.

Facebook wordpress plugin

What this means is that WordPress users using normal WordPress templates would now be able to activate the Facebook WordPress plugin immediately to create Instant Articles. Announcing the news, Chris Ackerman of Facebook said:

“A few weeks ago, we announced that Instant Articles will be open to all publishers—of any size, anywhere in the world—by Facebook’s F8 conference, taking place on April 12, 2016.

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for publishers to share their content on Facebook, so we’ve partnered with Automattic, parent company of WordPress.com VIP, to build a free plugin for Instant Articles, which simplifies the process of generating and publishing Instant Articles from WordPress. The open-source WordPress publishing platform now powers more than 25% of sites on the web, so we are excited to help millions of publishers all over the world bring the Instant Articles experience to their readers.”

Facebook has being working with a select group of publishers to test the Facebook WordPress plugin. The aim was to make sure Instant Articles formats were quickly and seamlessly adapted to Web Content. Instant Articles are integrated into Facebook’s News Feed and can load content ten times faster than normal Web articles. They are also optimized to make it easy to read content on mobile devices like smartphones.

facebook wordpress plugin

To get up and running with the Facebook WordPress plugin, one needs to install it through GitHub. The installation hub would soon be added the WordPress plugin directory. For a very good tutorial on how to install the Facebook WordPress plugin, just hop over here. After you are done with the installation, Instant Articles are generated through the RSS that was automatically crested by the plugin which is of course linked to your Facebook page.

This new feature from Facebook and WordPress is truly timely. Especially for small blogs with little resources to buy expensive plugins. Now, articles posted on Facebook News feed can look truly professional. And all this is achieved without too much work done by the blogger. All a blogger needs to do is install the Facebook WordPress plugin. The plugin does the rest.

photo credits: bidnessetc.com; media.fb.com

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