Just when we thought having to watch Youtube’s 5 seconds video was the biggest punishment ever, Facebook decides to introduce something even much worse – Mid-roll Ads.

Facebook began Facebook videos for a very long time now and in my opinion, I think Mark Zuckerberg has had this plan in mind ever since the inception of Facebook video. But just like every other business person, Mark was only waiting for the perfect time to slam it with the business hammer of monetization.

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The social media giants will start the testing the new “mid-roll” Ad format. This new Ad format of Facebook which will give video publishers the chance to insert ads into their video clips just right after people have watched them past the 20 seconds time mark. What this translates into is that Facebook users will now get to see Ads in videos they watch as soon as the feature is fully incorporated into Facebook. Ads will now begin to pop up immediately a user reaches the 20 seconds mark on any video.

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However, just like Youtube, Facebook will sell the Ads through videos published on its platform and share the revenue with video publishers, giving them 55 percent of revenue generated from all sales of Ads in their videos. This sounds pretty good to Facebook users who are video publishers and haven’t really made enough money from the social media platform as this could represent the first chance many video publishers may have had to make real money from the videos and contents they have been running on Facebook.

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As bad as the idea of mid-roll Ads may sound (or as bad as I might have made it sound… yeah, it sucks!), it is also a good thing when the coin is flipped to the other side considering the fact that monetization is involved. Leaves me wondering if there really is anything anywhere without a bad side. Do you agree with me?

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