facebook to livestream manchester united vs everton match

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“I am delighted that through this agreement with Facebook my testimonial game will be streamed globally on both the Wayne Rooney and Manchester United Facebook pages. It will be the first time this will have happened and will hopefully raise awareness of the Foundation and increase donations.”


These were the words of Manchester United Football Club captain, Wayne Rooney after Facebook confirmed that his testimonial game against his former club, Everton FC will be streamed live to its over 1.7billion users.

facebook to livestream manchester united vs everton match
facebook to livestream manchester united vs everton match

Wayne Rooney’s testimonial between Manchester United and Everton marks the first time a professional football match would be streamed on the social network’s Live platform since it launched in December 2015.

The match between the two clubs will be streamed to Facebook’s 1.7 billion users worldwide via Rooney’s and Manchester United’s Facebook pages. Build-up coverage of the match will begin at 7.30pm BST before kick-off at 8pm.

wayne rooney's testimonial match to be live streamed on facebook
wayne rooney’s testimonial match to be live streamed on facebook

All proceeds from the testimonial game will go to the Wayne Rooney Foundation and will be distributed to Rooney’s four chosen charities. I personally and sincerely appreciate Wayne Rooney for this great step he has taken to help the less privileged. It connotes that he has a very good and kind heart.

Back to the matter, It seems to me that to survive in this market, all social networks need to put on their ‘A’ game. Recall that earlier this month, twitter had announced their partnership with SkySports to be showing near-live highlights from premier league matches.

In the United States, Twitter’s streaming platform Periscope has already started showing live NFL games. For the next season Periscope will stream ten games from the NFL’s regular season, as well as bringing in-game highlights and live pre-game interviews to users. Twitter also has video deals in place with the MLB and NHL.

These two social media giants would also be showing highlights and updates from the 2016 Olympic games taking place in Rio. I guess the struggle to outdo one another has just started.

We are waiting to see what more these guys would use technology to achieve in their bid to lead the market.


‘Football techies’, over to you…

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