Trailing the chain of actions and speculations that pointed to Russia using FaceBook ads to supposedly influence the last American presidential election from about one year ago has prompted the social media platform to make moves towards more transparency by measures ensuring that anyone can see any ads run by an Organisation.

FaceBook is now letting out more details about its plans such as the assurance that the new transparency features are expected to go live next month and once this is done you will now be able to when looking at a FaceBook Page click “view ads” to bring up all ads currently being run by that page.

With a test in Canada FaceBook plans to kick-start this new feature and then when it expands to the United States Of America it is intended to also include an archive of ads related to federal elections spanning over a four year period that begins at the launch of the archive which will also include additional information such as the total and the average amounts spent on ads, the number of impressions an ad received and the demographics targeted.

FaceBook also states that political advertisers and promoters will have to verify their identity, location and fact that their ads are election related. The plan for the ads is that they will come with a “paid for by” message that you can click on for more information. FaceBook also talks about its works in building machine learning tools so that it can search out politically motivated advertisers or adverts who try to stay anonymous.

If the majority of FaceBook users will seize this opportunity? It is not yet known. But the Vice President Of Ads – FaceBook says ” Transparency helps everyone, especially political watchdog groups and reporters, keep advertisers accountable for who they say they are and what they say to different groups. ”


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