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In the latest tweak to Messenger app, Facebook just added a football game hidden inside the app. Football as in the global game known as soccer by Americans. This is to coincide with the football going on in Europe and the Americas. We are talking about the European championships being hosted by France and the COPA America taking place in the United States of America.

facebook, messenger

Since football is a global game, I guess the newly launched hidden game is available worldwide for all users of Messenger app who also love football. But, being an in-app game, one could just have fun playing it without really being a fan of the real world game of football.

This new football game follows the pattern of the basketball game launched by Facebook for the Messenger app to celebrate the basketball madness of the month of March. In the case of the basketball game, you had to send a basketball emoji to a friend you are chatting with to activate the game. And so it is with the football game.

How to Activate and Play the Game

  1. This first step is for those who don’t do Messenger app regularly. For them, they need to download and install  (iOS devices can get it here) the latest version of the Messenger app. On the other hand, if you’ve rejected to urge to upgrade your Messenger app, this is an opportunity to do so. That is, if you want to play football, Messenger app style.
  2. Open up Messenger app and start chatting with a friend about anything. It doesn’t necessarily have to be football. While chatting, send him a football emoji. I guess you’d have to explain why you are sending them that sort of emoji out of the blues.
  3. Tap on the football emoji that appears in the chat box. The Game should start immediately.

facebook, messengerThe pertinent word here is ‘should’. Like the basketball game, so many things could make the game not to play; like bad network or incompatible device. Why doesn’t Facebook just make it easy and direct? What is the point in hiding the game? I belief to make people buy into these games, they ought to make them as easy as possible to access and play.

However, in spite of the fact that the basketball game was hidden and had so many glitches, the basketball game since its inception has being played more than a billion times. That is not to say a billion people have being paying the game though. It’s just a case of having too many basketball addicts repeatedly playing the game. But it is still an impressive figure in just three months. Facebook hopes the same impressive result would be achieved with the football game.

Here is how the excited David Marcus of Facebook announced the new football game on his Facebook page:

Our little ? Messenger game we launched for March Madness and the NBA season was played over 1 billion times (!) over the course of the last 3 months. Since you loved it so much, and it’s the Euro 2016 & Copa America… You get where I’m going… ⚽️⚽️⚽️! It’s on!”

However, if you can’t be bothered playing basketball or football on your mobile smartphone because a cerebral game is more your thing, Facebook has something for you. A secret chess game. The Game, like the basketball and football game is also hidden. To activate it, you need to type ‘@fbchess play’ and send as a message to a friend you are having a chat with. You can check the link above for how to command the chess pieces.

Any upgrade to Messenger app or any added feature to the app is always tied in to the larger picture of Facebook’s plan for Messenger. The end game is to make Messenger a standalone, one-stop app that can do everything in our mobile devices. This is just another block in that grand design for Messenger.


photo credit: news.usa.extra.hu; facebook.com

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