Facebook, chrome extension, Social plugins

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Facebook has rolled out several new features to the site. The changes are not major though. More to do with changing how it looks. Perhaps to make the social forum look more modern.

Facebook, chrome extension, Social plugins

The new changes would affect the very iconic ‘like’ button that is well known around the world. The ‘share’ button has also being redesigned. New icons have also been introduced. These are, ‘following‘, ‘saving‘ and ‘recommend‘ icons.

Before these changes, the ‘like’ button consist of a Facebook corporate logo with the word Like printed to show its function. This would now be replaced with a thumbs up sign on a blue background. Also, the button for share which also used the Facebook corporate logo has also being changed.

Basically, the change means that both the like and share button have distinct separate logos.

Facebook, chrome extension, Social plugins
Facebook Old Vs New Like button

The new like logo, according to Facebook, is immediately recognizable for what it is even without reading the word like. And in tests done so far, there was a 6% jump in the number of people using the new like button.

For websites owners and bloggers, the new Facebook Social Plugin buttons comes with several more improvements. These include

  • the modernization of the buttons to be in tune with today’s world. And since one third of ‘likes’ come from mobile devices, the sizes of these buttons will be changed to reflect a person’s choice of accessing Facebook
  • A simple and consistent designs of the buttons to make them all uniform but at the same time distinct. This should make it easier for people to engage with social buttons on various websites
  • The like and share buttons have being optimized to make sure no matter where they appear, there would be no adverse change in the designs
Facebook, chrome extension, Social plugins
Facebook app

Also, Instant Articles were not left out in the new changes:

In the coming weeks, Instant Articles publishers will be able to add Like, Comment, and Share buttons to the bottom of their Instant Articles, and interactions with these buttons will be included in aggregate Like and Share counts. If you have the Comments Plugin installed on your site, comments on a web article will sync the conversation with its Instant Article equivalent. If you have Comment Mirroring turned on for the Comments Plugin, comments from the article’s post in News Feed will be synced with the web article and the Instant Article, creating a unified thread across all three surfaces.”

Chrome Extensions

Facebook, chrome extension, Social plugins
Facebook Chrome extension

The two new extensions for Chrome, share to Facebook and save to Facebook, would make it easier for people to share and save contents while using Chrome browser.

The save feature was launched at this year’s Facebook F8 conference. Basically it makes it possible to save a content to your Facebook site from another website. That is, if you don’t want to read something you love immediately, you can hit the save button.

This would automatically save the content to your Facebook page. And you can read it anytime you open your Facebook account. Users would also receive notifications to remind them of their saved contents.

The share extension on the other hand makes it possible to let your Facebook friends have a taste of what you’ve being doing around the web.

Both the share and save extensions are an easier avenue to link great content back to your Facebook page.

One thing is clear from these changes. Facebook is trying to ensure that our engagement with the social network never wanes. Instead we have more reasons to always go to Facebook to check either our saved items or read what our friends have shared.

For those who might be a little confused about the differences or functions of the buttons, a look at the developers page would clear things up.

Facebook was kind enough to explain how each social plugin button works and what makes them unique. Though I have to admit I was still a bit confused.


photo credit: independent.co.uk; theverge.com; facebook; Google

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