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Facebook founder and C.E.O, Mark Zuckerberg, who also triples as the 6th richest man in the world has just shocked the world with his new work, a rare artificial intelligence project, Jarvis; a project he developed in a bid to help run and manage his home efficiently… more like a butler, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) butler.

In a Facebook video with caption “After a year of coding, here’s Jarvis” he posted, Mark announced his new Artificial Intelligence project, named Jarvis. Jarvis, named after the virtual assistant in the Iron Man movie, could be a step toward a new product, Zuckerberg wrote, although he cautioned that the system he had created in 100 hours over the last year was customized for his house.

Creating Jarvis proved humanity is “both closer and farther off” from an AI breakthrough than we imagine, Zuckerberg wrote.

Computers are getting very good at pick out patterns, such as face recognition, but it is difficult to teach them new things, he wrote.

“Everything I did this year — natural language, face recognition, speech recognition and so on — are all variants of the same fundamental pattern recognition techniques,” he wrote. “But even if I spent 1,000 more hours, I probably wouldn’t be able to build a system that could learn completely new skills on its own.”

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According to Mark, by the end of the year, Jarvis was able to respond to text and voice commands and it could run music, air conditioning, doors, and other systems. It could recognize visitors, start a toaster and even shoot t-shirts from a cannon in his closet. Now isn’t that amazing?

With more effort to broaden Jarvis’ use beyond Zuckerberg’s own house, the experiment “could be a great foundation to build a new product,” he wrote.

Here’s a link to the video;


After watching the amazing video, one can only wonder what “world-changing” plans and projects Mark has left in his bag.



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