Will Facebook ever stop being innovative? That will forever remain the big question whenever the name Facebook is mentioned as the social media giant seem not to be slowing down in topping the social media/networking game plus the company keeps trying as much as possible to explore different ways to keep users on the platform as long as it can, probably forever.

The introduction and incorporation of  various features such as Game-room, Marketplace, Live videos, Group video call and many more are ways through which the social media giants are exploring to cement their place as the number 1  in the social media game.

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Now Facebook latest development is the addition Explore tab feature to its iOS app. This feature very much alike and functions like the “Search and Explore” tab on Instagram. The Explore tab collates stories, photos and videos that might be of interest a user on Facebook. Of particular interest is that the stories shown in the new Explore tab are not from your friends or families on Facebook, these are posts from several Facebook pages and you don’t even have to like them.

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Posts shown in the new Explore tab are suggested and created based likes and interests of every Facebook user. However, the Explore  feature isn’t available to everyone yet as it is only active on the Apple iOS platform for now. Google Android OS users will have to wait for an update from Facebook as the latest update on Google Playstore still doesn’t have the feature.

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It doesn’t appear on the iPad too. It’s possible this feature is only being tested, but it’s certain that it would be rolled out for all users in the coming weeks.

Can’t wait to try out the Explore feature? Let us know in the comment box… 8)

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