Hebron labs at convenant university

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Sometime back, we were hit with a relief news that a university in Nigeria, maybe two of them has a startup lab, one of which was dubbed to be the first in the country. The news was met with a lot of accolades from the populace and myself too as we all saw it as the way to go.

But then, it isn’t all about praising the concerned institutions, but about following their footsteps and encouraging the creation of more startup labs across the country. You might still be wondering why this should be done, well, I’d tell you in eight (8) reasons.

Hebron labs at convenant university
Hebron labs at convenant university
  1. It increases student’s productivity

A startup lab can help to increase student’s productivity in such ways that during lecture free times when students, normally would do nothing or engage in unproductive activities, going to the startup lab and doing some critical thinking can help to be more productive. So unproductive activities like excess sleeping are out of it.

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  1. It makes students versatile

When it comes to the Nigerian educational system, there is a wide belief that we only focus on the theoretical aspect of everything which is true to an extent. Having startup labs could help students think of something more practical aside the Dy/Dx they do in school, thereby increasing their versatility.

  1. It exposes them to the real world

Many Nigerian students still live in the illusion of completing their degree program and getting a non-existent well paying job. But with a startup lab, and put to the right use, they would get to know that the real world is all about what you can create, not what someone can create for you.

  1. It gives them an opportunity to create something

In pursuance to the above, a startup lab gives students an opportunity to create something. It gives the right atmosphere and the right motivation too.

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  1. It serves as the right motivation

There are some people that have a little passion for owning their startup but only need a stint of motivation to carry on. It is not hidden that a startup lab used for the right purpose would serve as the right motivation for people like this and giving them the needed push to go on to be something great.

  1. Helps to increase their network

In a startup lab, one is sure to meet people of like minds. This would help increase your network as students, and this could prove to be extremely useful after graduation from an institution. Do not underestimate the power of networking.

  1. Makes students more creative

One major reason why creativity of students is limited in this present time is because they do not settle down to really think. A startup lab gives the opportunity to brainstorm and think outwardly thereby creating new ways to solve problems, and getting more and more creative by the day.

  1. Gives a defined after school life

If I have access to a startup lab in a university, do you know what I will do? I would make sure I begin something I can continue with once I’m out of school. Many students upon graduation from the university, do not have an idea of where they are going, but with a startup lab in place, It’ll put an end to such problems.

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As much as many people might not be interested in having a startup lab in their university, or claim not to have enough time for studies talk less of dedicating more for a startup lab, I believe it is one of the very important additions needed in our educational system, especially given how backward we are in technology and how shabby our economy looks on the outside.

Praise and accolades must be given to Covenant university in Ogun state, and the university of Nigeria (UNN) for setting a new standard in our country’s ecosystem. They are the only two universities with a KNOWN startup lab.

It is only pertinent too to encourage their counterparts across the country to follow their footsteps. A lot can be achieved by just sacrificing the time and not too much funds to create a startup lab. We do hope to see one in every university very soon. Consider this a campaign. #OneStartupLabOneUniversity

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