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The SingularityU West Africa Global Impact Challenge has announced the emergence of a winner. The winner is no other than eCampus, an edtech startup in Ghana.

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eCampus is an edtech startup that allows its  users get the medium for education at a very convenient pace, that is, eCampus makes the classroom be at the comfort of our smartphones. The online platform sets exams and tests as requested by the user in order to evaluate the user’s learning so far. eCampus’ platform is user-friendly and it’s platform interface is excellent.

This is the maiden edition of the challenge, and the challenge witnessed a lot of applicants from the West African region. Ghana’s MEST were the partners in the launch of this maiden edition of the challenge. The challenge is aimed at bolstering innovations and startups in the West African region especially startups from Nigeria and Ghana.

Applications for the Challenge were followed by the critical analysis before the finalists were announced. The selected finalists took part in a workshop in Lagos that gave the startups exposure to better ideas that could develop their startups, and were given more expo into latest technologies that could help improve their startups.

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Afterwards, the startups pitched their products before customers and potential investors. It was there and then that eCampus emerged as the winning participant.

eCampus winning the competition has qualified the startup to attend the Global Solutions Program at the Singularity University. The Global Solution Program is to be undergone at the Singularity University campus in Silicon Valley. The program will span for a period of 3 months i.e June 17 to August 2017 where the startup will receive more ideas, training and mentorship to grow their business.

To use the eCampus’ platform, the user creates an account and logs in to access topics on the platform that interests the individual. Points can be earned by users. Users can also change profile pictures and check points earned et al.

eCampus app is supported on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry OS and can be downloaded on the various devices’ app stores.

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