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Many people bought the Tecno Camon C8 because it was basically a budget phone with good specs. At about the time it came out last year in August, the specs were very good. A 5.5″, quad-core Android Lollipop was not to be sniffed at for less than N30,000. And the camera was so good some even compared it to phones 4 times more expensive.

Camon C8

We have already shown you how to root the Camon C8. The good news now is that Tecno has released upgrade for the Camon C8 operating system. Yes, you can now enjoy the Android 6, Marshmallow operating system on your Camon C8. The best way to upgrade your phone OS, is to wait for the phone maker to push the upgrade over the air (OTA). That is, they would make it available directly to your phone when you go through ‘Update’ in your phone settings. This method might get to your Camon C8 slowly because it is done in batches. If you don’t have patience to wait, you can get the OS zip file from the Tecno Mobile Forum.

Now to the main business of flashing Android Marshmallow into your Camon C8. For now, you can only flash the phone using the TF card method. Using SP Flash Tool is not possible because the necessary scatter files are not available at the moment. Note that before you start, you must Unroot your phone to avoid bricking it. But if your phone is not rooted you can proceed. Again, make sure to back up all your files. Flashing a new ROM wipes out everything in the the phone.

Download the ROM (Tcard_update_20160425) from the Tecno Mobile Forum. You must be logged in to be able to use the download link provided in the forum. So you can go ahead and sign up using the ‘Sign Up‘ button at the top right hand corner.

Alternatively you can download the 867 MB file from here

Step 2
Place the the downloaded ROM on your SD card. Do not place the file inside any folder

Step 3
Switch off you Tecno Camon C8. Then press and hold the Power button and Volume up button simultaneously until you see the Android start up logo, then release the Power button only to display the Android Logo. Now release the volume up button

Camon C8

Step 4
Now, press and hold the Power button for at least 2 seconds and then press the volume up button without releasing the Power button. If your do it right, the image below would appear.

Camon c8

Step 5.
Scroll down to Apply update from SD card using the volume down button. To select the the highlighted Apply update from SD card, press the Power button.

Step 6
In the new interface, use the volume down button to navigate to your downloaded ROM (Tcard_update_20160415) and select it by pressing the Power button.

Step 7
The installation of the new Marshmallow would now begin. After successfully installing it, you will see the image shown below. Select Reboot system now with the Power button.

Camon C8

The phone would now reboot. Don’t be alarmed if it takes a long time to reboot. That is quite normal as the initial start up after flashing a new ROM can take up to five minutes or more.

Step 8
After the reboot is complete, just do a factory reset to be doubly sure all errors are eliminated. Congratulations! You now have Android 6 Marshmallow on your Tecno Camon C8.


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