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You remember Angry Birds? Yeah that addictive game, that’s as addictive as Candy crush. Well, it all seems like the developers of the game are willing to go public and maybe raise some more funds to actually reach their set goals.

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“We and our shareholders regularly assess different alternatives to further develop Rovio. A stock exchange listing at some point in the future could be possible in order to support the continued strong growth of Rovio and its strategic targets. However, Rovio and its owners have not made any decisions regarding a possible IPO.”- Rovio

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

The above is a statement from the company hinting at a possible listing on the stock exchange market. But what could have even brought about this thought? Are there mapped out plans to expand? I’m thinking so. Though, there haven’t been any decision towards IPO, we do know that we shouldn’t be surprised if we see one soon.

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Maybe there are not mapped out plans to expand, but to survive instead. This goes because according to a published report, Chinese internet firm Tencent is planning to make a $3 billion bid for the Finnish based animation studio.

Rovio might not even be giving them a listening ear as it has its own idea on how to unlock its real value. The company responded to the Tencent story by saying that it might go public through an IPO.

Well,  many people have applauded the time they hinted to do this as it might be the best time to consider going public. At a point, Angry Birds daily usage started to decline and licensing revenue dropped off sharply. Rovio had no choice but to lay off employees and cut back on spending.

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At a time before now, the company had said that they would be the next Disney but things are not seeming so presently. But then, we do hope they take steps to revive themselves as we cannot even bare to see the decline of a tech company. They are too vital.

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  1. angry birds’ is one of d pioneer games since touchscreens. if dey feel they shud go public, fine i tink its worth it. its a capable company

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