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Bringing Facebook Live to the web version of Facebook is not something that one would normally think about because there is the assumption the feature was available by default on all platforms since it was launched beginning of this year.

Facebook live computers laptops
Facebook Live

Having covered Facebook Live since it’s inception, it came as a sort of surprise to me that one couldn’t stream live videos to friends and family using either a desktop or a laptop.

Social Times was the first to report that Facebook would soon port the feature to desk top and laptops. And for good measure, they reached out to Facebook to ask about the situation. Facebook confirmed to them it was true the company was thinking about bringing Facebook Live to computers.

Perhaps Facebook wanted to do a surprise announcement after have they finished testing the feature for  some selected users. If that was the case, then Facebook user, Delilah Taylor spoiled the surprise party for them.

Facebook live computers laptops
Facebook Live video for computers

Search Engine Journal’s Danny Goodwin shared the video posted by Taylor showing her demonstrate the feature on her computer while she was trying to use her Facebook. In the video, Taylor described how she came across and used the feature on her Facebook page:

When I first clicked live video, it didn’t do anything. You’ve got to put in a comment, and then you hit next, and when you hit next, it will bring up a secondary screen, which kind of looks like a Google Hangout screen, and you can adjust your camera and microphone … Then you hit “Go Live.”

From her description, it is clear the feature is a work in progress. I mean the steps to actually start using the live video feature are rather twisted. Hopefully, by the time Facebook launches the feature fully, some of the kinks and unnecessary steps would have been eliminated.

In confirming the coming of Facebook Live to computers, a Facebook spokesperson told Social Times that they are, ‘..starting to roll out the ability for people to broadcast live on Facebook from their desktop or laptop.’

Facebook live computers laptops
Web Facebook on laptop

And why did Facebook decided to bring Facebook Live to computers? High demand of the feature from people who are really into Facebook Live streaming. We are talking vloogers, journalists and live video enthusiasts.

And in case your computer’s cameras are not up to scratch in terms of video quality, you can use third-party cameras to shoot your videos. That is very nice I must say. I can see the demand for these cams rising as people try to stream high quality videos to their audience.

Since Facebook Live was launched, Facebook have never hidden their intention to make Facebook Live the best live video streaming service.

In the beginning, the talk was about how they copied the idea from Twitter’s Periscope. Today however, Facebook Live has grown to even surpass Periscope.

Facebook Live did not grow in popularity because people found that it was an indispensable utility. Facebook actually had to leverage on their huge user base and financial muscle to shove Facebook Live to the top.

Facebook live computers laptops
Facebook Live in action

For instance, several celebrities, media houses and athletes were paid a decent amount of money to use the feature either on their websites on on their Facebook pages. The amount of money paid, which in some cases ran into millions of dollars, depends on how famous a star or athlete is, or how influential the online media is.

The latest entities to receive substantial amount of money to use Facebook Live include big European football clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Arsenal.

If you have been following the direction of Facebook Live since the beginning, this is the kind of news that would make you ask why it took so long to bring Facebook Live to computers.


image credit: behindthelenscap.nl; .digitaltrends.com; adweek.com; businessinsider.com

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