Pokémon Go Japan Launch,

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Finally Pokémon Go was launched in Japan 4 days ago. It was the launch everybody was expecting and looking forward to. The simple reason was because it was Japan that gave the world the original Pokémon twenty years ago.

Pokémon Go Japan Launch,
Pokémon Go, Japan beta

So while the countries like Australia, US and New Zealand enjoyed the initial launch of the augmented reality game at the beginning the month, Japan had to sit by in envy as these three countries enjoyed their creation. Even some European countries enjoyed the game first before Japan.

In a bid for an exclusive, the popular Tech Crunch got egg on their faces when they ran story that the game would be launched last week, four days before it actually happened. In a bid to whitewash the almighty mistake, they ran a story that an email leak was responsible for the postponement.

There is a reason Tech Products is running a story today that was hot four days ago. We wanted to aggregate all the frenzy and the unusual events that were sure to follow the launch of Pokémon Go in Japan.

We weren’t disappointed as so many weird stories followed the launch of the Game in Japan. Here are a few I was able to get my hands on.

1. Confused stock brokers – the first crazy story showed how ignorant stock brokers can be  about things outside the financial markets. The news that Pokémon Go was a worldwide phenomenon and had links with Nintendo saw lots of folks buying up shares in Nintendo.

Pokémon Go Japan Launch,
Nintendo Logo

Then the share-price of Nintendo crashed when it became evident to stock brokers Nintendo were not the creators of Pokémon Go. So while everybody was making money and having fun with Pokémon Go, Nintendo, had a forgettable time

2.Professor Willow is feeling the love in Japan – the launch of Pokémon Go in Japan seemed like the perfect opportunity for the Japanese to show the world who their favorite character was. Professor Willow is already popular in other countries because of his shoes and his unique pick up lines

Pokémon Go Japan Launch,
Professor Willow

3.Spike in Traffic accidents – I am just sitting here and imagining how several drivers abandoned their cars to start playing the game after it was launched in Japan. The result was a lot of traffic violations and accidents as people rushed to be first on the game.

Pokémon Go Japan Launch,
Playing Pokémon Go

4.The Chinese are annoying the Japanese – the political friction between China and Japan was mirrored in Pokémon Go as Chinese players invaded Japanese severs causing a lot of problems for the Japanese.

Pokémon Go Japan Launch,
Playing Pokémon Go

Using their numerical advantage, the Chinese have taken over many Pokémon Go gyms as they can’t wait for the game to launch in their own country. But don’t read too much politics into this, the Chinese just want to play Pokémon Go too.

5.Pokémons not scared of nuclear radioactivity – for that reason, the authorities are calling on Niantic Labs, makers of Pokémon Go, to make areas around the Fukushima nuclear power plant that was destroyed some years ago, a no go area.

The area is still dangerous with radioactive materials according to those in charge. This warning became necessary after the discovery of a Pokémon character around the area. This is to stop people from rushing there to catch Pokémons.

For now, these are the most prominent Pokémon Go-related stories coming out of Japan since the Game was launched four days ago. But I bet these won’t be the last. It is the nature of the game to spawn very unusual stories.

Perhaps, you have come across other unusual Pokémon Go stories in Japan. Why not share it with us in the comment section. We would appreciate that a lot.


image credit: fevgames.net; thesun.co.uk; nowloading.co; miragenews.com;

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