Uber in Thika, Kenya

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Uber, a cab hailing app, that is now worth $60 billion dollars in valuation has taken along Africa space for a long while now, its presence in Lagos, Ghana, Tanzania,  Kenya is well felt. The company has somehow found it is way into courier services in a way we can call it an expansion of its foot in the black nations. Uber, a company that was founded by two stranded men on the rain some few years ago, 2009 to be precised, that has now worth more than alots of tech, cars and financial services put together

UberEverything will be made up of UberRush, a personal courier service, and UberEats, a food delivery service. According to Uber’s General Manager for sub-Saharan Africa,Alon Lits, UberEverything will pilot in South Africa before the end of the year.

Will you switch to UberEats for your food delivery and UberRush for your courier services? Have you used any of these UberEvertything before,?tell us about the cost compare with others and your experience in the comment box. I am waiting to reads altos of stories.

With the success of Uber, lots of Statups are coming together in different cities and companies to compete with these giants of a cap hailing app, that is basically on Android and IOS. Is Uber, an opportunity, luck or a revolution?

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