Chromebooks Can Now Boast Of Microsoft Office

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Chromebooks Can Now Boast Of Microsoft Office
Chromebooks Can Now Boast Of Microsoft Office

For over a year now, Microsoft has been testing its office app on Chromebooks and its put a boundary of the testing to Google’s latest PixelBook device. Chromebooks have been noticing this app on the Google Play Store of a number of their device, since it looks like the testing phase has been concluded. Reports came in from Chrome that the app is also on Samsung’s Chromebook Pro, Acer’s Chromebook 15, and Acer’s C771.

There are no differences between these apps and the Android versions of Office. With the effect that devices larger than the Asus’ Chromebook Flip (with a 10.1-inch display) will have to subscribe to use the app, devices of that size or lesser will get free access to the app. Microsoft has worked with a standing rule overtime that cut across Windows, iOS, and Android hardware, that states that devices larger than 10.1 inches need an Office 365 subscription to be able to create, edit or print documents.

This policy could boost subscription for Office 365, but looking at the other side that majority of the chromebooks are used in classrooms, then we can almost conclude that its either the school already have an existing Office 365 subscription or they are using Google’s G suite. We have seen Chromebooks rise also over a wide range of usage too. There was a boost in the PC market earlier this year, for the first time in five years, considering the inflow of Google’s devices. It also sold in the US more than Mac for the first time last year. Microsoft is looking into countering Chromebooks with its own Windows 10 OS, and cheaper laptops hoped to be sold to schools.

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