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At first, I thought we were getting to 100 days, we would have made a special post for it. Recall that we made a post about the internet shut down in Anglophone speaking parts of Cameroon after the inhabitants of that place held a protest. In this post, we also took a look at the effects of the internet shut down in the affected part.

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But today, we bring to you good news from this part of Cameroon as the campaign #BringBackOurInternet has finally won. After 94 days, the internet in Cameroon is now back to live and people can now access it from there.

But there is a problem though. According to a Cameroonian twitter user, Rebecca Enonchongt (@africatechie), “Internet is so slow now with the whole country connected”. Well, at least there’s internet, but it is slow internet.

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More tweets from the user reads that “Team #BringBackOurInternet! You know who you are! You raised your voices and stood for the voiceless. Millions are saying thank you today!”

“I’ll keep my #BringBackOurInternet profile picture just in case they fail to #KeepitOn”.

So I guess the battle has been won in Cameroon. So how would it feel for you if the internet was shut down in Nigeria? Lets hear your thoughts.

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