BuyChat Partners stutern to launch BuyChat Assistants'

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BuyChat, a chat commerce app, which was inspired by, a startup founded by Olayinka Oluwakuse after an epiphany at a restaurant, is partnering with Stutern, to launch a new feature called BuyChat Assistant on October 24, 2016.

The new feature will employ assistants who will provide 24-hour support to merchants on the BuyChat app. These interns will work remotely from anywhere in the country, earning money during their spare time.

BuyChat Partners stutern to launch BuyChat Assistants
BuyChat Partners stutern to launch BuyChat Assistants

BuyChat is owned by BuyOverChat Technologies Limited, a company interested in revolutionising how e-commerce is played out in Africa based on City Market clusters using the ” chat, haggle, pay directly in chat” business model, and this step taken is on the right direction to achieve their revolution as BuyChat Assistants will improve user experience by recommending items in shops close to them. This way, they’ll be acting as agents of those shops and also help BuyChat users discover great deals in fashion, electronics, home and decor, and grocery shopping. Logo Logo

To make this new project possible, BuyChat is getting help from the guys at Stutern. Stutern provides internship opportunities for college students and graduates too. It is a platform that links people looking for internship and companies looking for interns. The reason for their partnership with BuyChat is not farfetched – they would fare better in the recruiting process.

BuyOverChat is really portraying the actual way a market scene looks like on Africa. It further affirms the words of the founder and CEO, Olayinke Oluwakuse. Logo Logo

“We did not want to do the ” copy and paste” Amazon model in our operations.The retailers who already have an amazing inventory in stock wanted to be in the middle of the conversation during transactions. Although brick and mortar shops still do 95% of commerce in Nigeria ,they have awakened to the fact that online shopping is real and have informed us about their reservation for the ” Third Party Marketplace ” model being used by big e-commerce companies in Nigeria.”

Do you want to be a BuyChat Assistant, then apply through the link .

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