MTN fine 16 Billion naira

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MTN fine 16 Billion naira
MTN fine 16 Billion naira by COSON

Getting out and in in one fine, seems to be another thing for MTN year, as another private organisation have fined them 16 billion naira for using their members intellectual property without due payment of loyalty to the creator of such copyrights. We hope MTN comes out of these various fines.  This is coming after federal government fined them $5.2 Billion dollars for refusing to disconnect unregistered SIM cards, which have succeeded brought to $1.7 Billion dollars to be paid within 3 years.

The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) had filed a N16 billion law suit against MTN for music copyright infringement to Nigerian musicians, as MTN makes huge amount of money from one of their services of ring back tone, the bone of contentious is that MTN keeps 60% of the money made and only leave about 40% percent to the record labels and the musicians to share. Apparently, COSON have sent warnings to MTN Nigeria severally to either increase the shares of the owner or stop the service. Of course, they have refused to heed the warnings.

The big news now is that COSON want to end this disagreement in court and they have fined them with #16 Billions naira. We hop the two parties receive the needed justice.



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