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It would be true to say that this was expected a long time ago, and is long overdue already. As much as this is good news for the Truecaller team and some advertisers, it is very much the opposite for consumers who have the app installed on their phone, as they would now be served with ads every now and then.

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TrueCaller has announced to African brand’s that they can now advertise on the app, and I’m pretty sure a lot of these “African brands” would turn up given how popular the TrueCaller app already is amongst smartphone users.

At the moment, Nigeria has 5 million users on Truecaller, while Egypt has the highest with 15 million users. In total, Truecaller has over 40 million users across the continent, so what other option do they have that’ll help bolster revenues and increase their product portfolio than to serve ads that would reach these 40 million people.

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A feature which looks to serve as a plus to the owners of this app is the fact that they’d be using CIT — Call Intent Targeting —to serve ads when users are present or engaged. What this means is that they would monitor the user’s activities to ascertain the ad(s) that is best suited for him/her.

Since Truecaller already knows you by your phone number, location (if you permit) and activities (i.e. They can tell when you are less busy or on a call), they can allow advertisers to reach you based on your location, and time too. They sure do not own your time, but basically, they know your schedule and this would help them serve their ads effectively.

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A practical example is a scenario when you check your phone only to see an ad from a restaurant around your location at the exact time you are about to go for your lunch break. This is how specific their ads could be, and advertisers would not want to miss the opportunity.

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