Snapchat, Bitmojis, Emojis, Mobile app

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Snapchat just announced a new update to the app that lets you use Bitmojis in the chats or photos you post on the app to share with your friends. This now settles the lack of official statement from Snapchat when it bought the Canadian based Bitstrips back in March for $100 million.

Snapchat, Bitmojis, Emojis, Mobile app

Bitstrips are the makers of Bitmoji; Bitmoji is an app that users employ to make personalized emojis with startling resemblance to the user. With the help of Bitmoji, one can make a sort of comic strip.

When Snapchat acquired the software four months ago, the question on people’s mind was how Snapchat was going to integrate Bitmoji into Snapchat. The question has now being resolved.

In a wise move, Snapchat did not tinker with the basic administrative structure of Bitstrips after buying it up. It has allowed the firm to continue operating without interference. So the operations of Bitmoji are still controlled largely from Toronto, Canada, the headquarters of Bitstrips. Snapchat is headquartered in California, USA.

Before you can make the personalized emojis on your Snapchat, you need to have the Bitmoji app on your phone.

Snapchat, Bitmojis, Emojis, Mobile app

A first for Snapchat is that you can either sign in to the Bitmoji using your email or through Snapchat. Signing in to Bitmoji through Snapchat is significant because this is the first time users’ details are taken out of Snapchat to other apps.

Snapchat has always touted the fact there is no sign in button from other apps or to other apps as one way it protects user’s privacy and details. But the world shouldn’t get carried away by this move as something momentous. After all, Snapchat own Bitmoji. It is not as if  ones account details are being shared on Facebook.

Once you successfully sign in to the Bitmoji app, you go through some easy preliminary steps before you can start making your personalized Bitmoji.

There are so many ways you can make and personalize a Bitmoji. There are a wide selection of skin colors and tones; accessories and clothes you can use to create the Bitmoji.

After creating the Bitmoji the way you want it, you can now go back to Snapchat and start using your creation in Snapchat photos and videos as a sticker. Easy and cool I must say.

Snapchat, Bitmojis, Emojis, Mobile app
Bitmoji stickers

As online Social forums struggle for more users to sign up to their services, we are likely to see more of these updates. The updates serve very important functions, though the main reason for them is to make the services more interesting to users and to attract new users.

But the final aim is to sell ads to online advertisers. So the more users a social forum has, the more ads revenue the company is likely to get. Though Snapchat is lagging behind the likes of Facebook and Instagram in terms of user base, the number of users is growing at such a rapid pace that it now the fastest growing app among social forums.

This is down mostly to the fact it is such a fun app to use; teens and young adults flock to it in droves. Also, the fact that posts are ephemeral on Snapchat helps its popularity among young people.

But even with the rapid growth of the app, Snapchat still has a long way to go before it can catch up to Facebook or Instagram. Its immediate target should be Twitter which has seen a drought of new users in recent times. Only recently, Snapchat surpassed Twitter in the number of daily posts by users.

Twitter recently started responding to threats from the likes of Snapchat by introducing new features to its Periscope live video feature. The jury is still out on Twitter. For Twitter, too little too late is the likely outcome for them.

Snapchat, Bitmojis, Emojis, Mobile app
Personalized emojis


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