Bitcoin Price Skyrockets Into $11000

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Bitcoin Price Skyrockets Into $11000
Bitcoin Price Skyrockets Into $11000

The once controversial digital currency that evolved in 2009 by an unknown computer whizz who went undercover with the name Satoshi Nakamoto, has proven to the world that its here to revolutionize the concept of money. Bitcoin is mined by use of computer codes and this started off in the year 2009 and was selling for $0.39 by 2010. As at November 2016, one bitcoin was selling for $600-$700, and this was a ground breaking price to everyone.

Due to the high rate of investors and big business owners who purchase this coins as they are mined, we have recorded a very great increase in the price of this coin over the period of one year. it has gone on an upward scale into a staggering price of over $10000, and this price keeps rising, As it stands of today, 29th November 2017, the bitcoin is worth $10,945.

There have been speculations by a whole lot of people to expect to see this coin at about $15000 at the end of the year and around $27000 by February 2018. Due to the progressive scale of the coin and the percentage increase recorded in the last 2 weeks, we are looking into a much more better year for the investors of this coin.

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