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This is the concluding part of the the two-part series of my best free VPN service. If you haven’t read the first part, I suggest you read it to be able to make an informed choice in case you decide to go with any of my favorite VPN softwares.

free vpn service

SoftEther VPN
Like Tor, SoftEther is a completely free VPN service. But unlike Tor it is not a browser but a real vpn software that works on PCs or Macs, and there are apps for mobile phones too.

SoftEther VPN project is the umbrella body in charge of developing and distributing SoftEther VPN. on the website, they claim it is part of an academic work based in the University of Tsukuba in Japan.

free vpn service

Of all the VPNs I have tried so far, this is the most complicated to set up. You have to install two softwares on your system to get it going. Once installed, the configuration process takes you through a series of steps before you are finally ready to use it.

In that respect, the VPN consumes a bit more system resources relative to the other VPNs. Your PC therefore must be in tip top condition to really enjoy it. Or if you have a PC with impressive specs, you won’t have much problem with it.

Once running, you are spoiled for choice on what servers to use. They have dozens of servers spread around the world for you to select. And they are all free. No premium services. Another good thing about SoftEther free VPN service is that the servers are constantly being refreshed to make it easier to connect.

How to set it up is a long tutorial by itself. There are numerous online resources dealing with that subject.

Tweakware VPN
If Patriotism is a concept that gets the blood pumping in your heart, then I suggest you go for Tweakware VPN. The reason is simple: it is the creation of Nigerian coders.

free vpn service

I like Tweakware for so many reasons: being Nigerian based, it is easy to get support by placing a call to the developers. Switching over to premium is also easy because you get to pay directly into their Nigerian account.

Based on the OpenVpn template, installing Tweakware is just like a walk in the park. Configuring it is easy too. And like I mentioned earlier, if you encounter any problems just place a call and you get attended to.

The free VPN service is capped at just 100MB daily. That is not too generous though. But with 100MB, you can browse as much as you like as long as you don’t stream those YouTube videos or download heavily.

The downside of Tweakware, apart from the 100MB daily cap, is that for free users, you are entitled to two test servers only. And connecting can be difficult if there are too many people using the Free servers.

The ‘free’ in the name is kind of misleading because there is also a paid version of the software. The selling point of Spotflux is that the free VPN service is differentiated from the paid version by the presence of ads.

free vpn service

But then the ads in the free VPN service do not mess your online activities that much. Matter of fact, you sometimes don’t even notice the presence of the ads. Yes, the ads are that unobtrusive.

The downside? Spotflux gives you only US servers. And as a lover of BBC’s iPlayer, I need to switch to a VPN with UK servers to have access to iPlayer. This can be irritating. Also one cannot manually select servers and the absence of cookie blockers makes you wonder how good this VPN is at hiding your location.

So that’s it for my preferred free VPN service. The thing to note about VPNs is their eccentricity. What works for me may not work for another person. And your system may play a part in how effective the software is. Just keep trying each one until you get the one that works very well for you.

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