BetaTraffik Mobile App has an update'

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According to co-founder, Odionye Confidence, “Beat Traffik is an online road traffic management platform that allows road users to effectively commute while evading Lagos traffic congestion. With a population of over 20 million and over 8 million car owners, Lagos state is one of the busiest cities in Africa. Beat Traffik’s Filtered Traffic Reports (FTR) make it possible for users to receive traffic reports, Accident, robberies and Places of Interests within their location up to 5 miles ahead.”

BetaTraffik Mobile App has an update
BetaTraffik mobile App has an update


Once a road user logs on to, he or she inputs their destination in the “Where are you going today box” it takes the user to the map view, at map view the user can click on our logo on the map and he/she will receive traffic, accidents, robbery reports and Places of Interest e.g (Eateries, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs etc.) within his/her location up to 5 miles ahead.

Now this very useful app has an update…

Beta traffik has released an update for their mobile app. The update, Beat Traffik v2.0, is available for Android devices, and it comes with features that allows users receive traffic, accident, and robbery reports; view places of interest; and watch drone traffic videos.

The new Beat Traffik app update includes:

*.Auto reroute: The app automatically reroutes users based on traffic conditions, navigating them through free or slow traffic areas.

*.Places of interest: Where users can locate fuel stations, eateries, hospitals, etc. in their areas.

*.Commuter Direction Service: Users can either call to get informed of traffic situations and possible alternatives to take, or they canarrange for Beat Traffik to callthem on a subscription basis at a fee of N1,500 monthly.

*.Drone traffic feeds: That’ll let users watch live videos taken from Beat Traffik drones.


According to Odionye Confidence, “We wrote a letter to the office of the NCAA, addressed early May this year. It was not responded to after weeks. I literally had to walk the streets of the airport, MM1 to be in particular, meeting with most NCAA staff, answering questions regarding our operations and why we needed the license. I had to make couple of friends in the NCAA who gave me aguideline on the particular office to address my letter to. That enabled swift response from the NCAA.”

Beat Traffik, founded by Odionye Confidence and Popoola Tobi, is a mobile and web application that provide users with live traffic updates. It was founded in 2014 and has since then helped about 10,000 Lagos commuters avoid traffic through its twitter account and a prototype web application.

Now, you can escape Lagos traffic even more easier. Its official, Beat Traffik to the rescue.

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